The Magicians Episode 9: The Writing Room – and it’s Waiting for You

The Magicians has been so consistently absorbing, so full of twists and turns, that it comes as no surprise that Syfy has renewed it for a second season. It has also been nominated for a Saturn Award, which are presented annually to films and television series by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. Episode 9 is practically perfect, a shining example of why people continue turning in. The writing is tight, the atmosphere tense, the performances outstanding – all with a plot that never quite goes where expected.

To say too much about this episode would spoil some of the biggest surprises, the most outrageous horrors, as well as some emotional tugging on the heart-strings. It’s safe to say Quentin, Alice, Elliot and Penny discover more than they care to know about Fillory, and it’s guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Penny and Elliot lighten the mood somewhat, with their pointed jabs and zingers (usually directed at Quentin).

Julia, on the other hand, continues to work with the pastor and learns there may be more to life and magic than hedgewitches and Brakebills.

With only a few more episodes left this season, there’s no telling where the Magicians will head next, but there’s almost a guarantee that it will be thrilling, chilling and full of the fine writing that’s made the series a runaway success.

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