Cosplay Closet Essentials: Misa on Wheels

Misa on Wheels is a champion for equality in the cosplay world. She doesn’t let her wheelchair stop her from cosplaying her favorite characters, and she doesn’t tolerate bullying in the cosplay community. Her page is full of inspirational quotes from Misa and encouragement to all types of cosplayers to continue representing their fandom, regardless of what critics may say.

When/how did you first learn about cosplay?

I can’t say for sure, like one particular instance, as it was quite a while ago. I’ve always been interested in costumes and dressing up, but the first time I heard of it referred to as “cosplay” was when I was in my late teens.”

What was the first convention that you cosplayed at?

Another Anime Convention (AAC) in New Hampshire.”

What’s the best thing about cosplay for you?

“The excitement it brings myself and those who enjoy it. Cosplay is such a community and one that only continues to grow, with good reason.”

Do you make your own cosplays?

“Some of them. I mostly put/piece them together and design them. I have very limited fine motor skills, due to the neuropathy in my hands, so it makes it tricky to do some things. Cosplay is more about dressing up and theatrics than the construction in my case. I do the parts that I enjoy.”

And you do it great! What advice do you have for aspiring cosplayers out there who might not be able to make their own costumes?

“Thank you! Never be afraid to buy a costume or have something made. There are so many wonderful artists out there who would love to see you rock their work and support them. And picking out the perfect piece can be just as much work as creating it. You have to do what you enjoy. It honestly does not matter if it’s made or bought, so long as you love it.”

What’s the hardest part about cosplay?

“I’d say not getting sidetracked and completing a project. It’s so easy to get excited about something new and have a hundred things half-complete with a convention right around the corner!”

Sounds like my husband; I haven’t finished our cosplays for June and he’s already trying to think up ideas for next year!

“Haha There’s just too many epics ideas that have to happen.”

Speaking of epic ideas, what would be your ideal cosplay if you had no limits–time, money, ability, etc?

“It’s hard to say. I have way too many characters on my to-do list. One that’s always been a dream of mine is Malon from Ocarina of Time.”

And finally, what are the three most essential items for any cosplayer’s closet or workspace, in your opinion?

Wig caps, safety pins, and at least one comfortable cosplay for when you feel like taking it easy but still want to dress up.”

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