Industrial Black Metal Artists Dawn of Ashes Release New Album, “Theophany”


On April 19th, Industrial-Black Metal artists Dawn of Ashes released their first single from their new album “Theophany” on Metropolis Records. “Tribe of Chemosh” seamlessly blends various forms of extreme metal and Industrial influences. Dawn Of Ashes is music of violent power, unrelenting destruction, and cinematic scope. Kristof Bathory of Dawn of Ashes describes Theophany as “Dawn of Ashes on steroids.” Theophany, the band’s first album in three years, is a ruthless horror show for the ears, eyes, and mind. The new album shows Dawn Of Ashes in top form, with a renewed purpose that unifies the intense sonic aggression and Left Hand Path Occultism inspired lyrics that Dawn of Ashes has summoned in all of its incarnations.

“Theophany” is produced by Mick Kenney of Anaal Nathrakh, who has also produced releases for Motionless in White, Bleeding Through, and The Witch Was Right. “Theophany” will be released on May 20th on Metropolis Records.

You can view the “Tribe of Chemosh” lyric video here, on Metal Injection:

DAWN OF ASHES’ New Song “Tribe of Chemosh” Is A Slow-Churning, Tribal Crusher

Metal Injection calls the song “a slow churning, metal crusher.” Metal Injection goes on to say that Dawn of Ashes “has the ferocity of Behemoth, the cinematic evocations of Septicflesh, and the riffs of Mantar all rolled into one punch in the face.” If you are a fan of black metal and have not yet heard of Dawn of Ashes, it’s time you gave the band a listen.

About Dawn of Ashes:
“The very name calls to mind the legend of the phoenix, a god being born anew from the ashes of its own destruction. It unites the Alpha and Omega, signifying that the very end is a beginning and vice versa, that life and death are one. So goes the destiny of this musical form, to die unto its first self, passing through the agonizing fire of purification, only to rise again from a new dawn, with renewed purpose.”
The current band lineup is Kristof Bathory – Vocals, Composer (2000-present), Bahemoth – Electronics/Keyboards (2000-Present), Topher Graves -Guitars (2016-Present), Jamison Boaz – Guitars (2016-Present), Angel Dies – Bass (2016-Present) and Levi Xul – Drums (2016-Present).

The CD tracks are as follows:

1 Rise of the ancient East
2 Tribe of Chemosh
3 Equilibrium
4 Stillborn Defect (New Breed)
5 Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches)
6 Fire of the Phoenix
7 Bleeding Perfection
8 Enter the Vortex
9 Valhalla
10 Last

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