It’s Spring and Love is in the Air with These Titles from Favorite Authors and Random House

Springtime is a time for romance – new romances, rekindling romances, and unexpected romances. The scent of flowers is in the air and the moon at night is extra-large. So Random House has released four major books by long-standing romance authors:



Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton: Wicked Charms. The paperback release of the further adventures of Lizzy and Diesel. The third book in the series is full of swashbuckling adventure full of raiders, monkeys, minions, and mayhem. Lizzy and Diesel are going to have to do everything they can to keep their heads above water and hope they’re living a charmed life.



Curtis Sittenfeld: Eligible. From the author of American Wife comes a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. A bold literary experiment, Eligible is a brilliant, playful, and delicious saga for the twenty-first century. Liz is a magazine writer in her mid-thirties, while sister Jane teaches yoga. Youngest sisters Kitty and Lydia are trying to keep up with the Kardashians, and bookish Mary is working on her third online master’s degree. Throw in a crumbling mansion, a Bachelor-esque reality show, and a neurosurgeon and you have a romp that Jane herself would definitely be proud of.



Martha Hall Kelly: Lilac Girls. For those who loved The Nightingale and Sarah’s Key, this is a story inspired by the life of a real World War II heroine, this powerful debut novel reveals an incredible story of love, redemption, and terrible secrets that were hidden for decades. In Lilac Girls, Martha Hall Kelly has crafted a remarkable novel of unsung women and their quest for love, freedom, and second chances. It is a story that will keep readers bonded with the characters, searching for the truth, until the final pages. (P.S. Hankies required).




Laurie R. King: The Murder of Mary Russell. Laurie R. King’s bestselling Mary Russell–Sherlock Holmes series weaves rich historical detail and provocative themes with intriguing characters and enthralling suspense. Russell and Holmes have become one of modern literature’s most beloved teams. But does this adventure end it all?


In addition, look for these Random House titles and authors: Anna Quindlen, Miller’s Valley; Vanessa Diffenbaugh, We Never Asked for Wings; and J. Kenner, with the erotic Dirtiest Secret. Dirtiest Secret is the first in the S.I.N. trilogy, so expect those pages to sizzle!

Here’s hoping your spring romances are as lush and beautiful as these tales from Random House.

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