Jillian Rose Reed and Marty Shannon Cover Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

Jillian Rose Reed, best known for her role as Tamara Kaplan on MTV’s Awkward, and her boyfriend, artist Marty Shannon, have partnered with Maker Studios and started their own variety show on YouTube titled “We’re Dating.” Together, the two endeavor toward conquering humorous issues that arise when people get into relationships through a variety of ways, including sketches, vlogs, music parodies and covers, and original content every Saturday. You can expect to get into some serious shenanigans with the two, as well as featured guests from time to time, including some of Reed’s Awkward co-stars.

This past Saturday, Reed and Shannon premiered their cover of Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry.” Now, I don’t listen to the “Biebs” (as my aunt loves to refer to him) myself, but this cover appeals to the alternative part of my soul.

With the minimal instrumentation and good vibes, Reed and Shannon give the Biebs a wonderful upbeat twist. The choice to use only certain instruments, including a wooden box to set the beat, a keyboard, both electric and acoustic guitars, their own hands to clap during the chorus, and what sounds like a maraca comes together phenomenally. Both are talented vocalists; their voices complement each other well, Shannon being a tenor and Reed being an alto. Listening to the song makes me want to get out of my chair and dance along with them until my legs ache.

Additionally, their personalities were made to work well together. On camera, it’s plain to a viewer that the two are having fun and have a real connection with each other. It brings an air of pure positivity to anyone watching their videos. They define my relationship goals, especially at the close of the video when they “argue” about which video to suggest and where the subscribe button is located. If you look closely, you can see the love radiating from their eyes. I now have this irrational desire to make silly YouTube videos with my boyfriend, because they make it look like the most fun activity to do with a significant other.

If you haven’t seen any of “We’re Dating” with Jillian Rose Reed and Marty Shannon yet, go do it! You can start by watching their cover of  “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

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