The WhysGuise Need Your Help!!

I know, I know, you’re now asking yourself (or maybe me), who are the WhysGuise and why do they need MY help?  Or maybe not and you just want to see what I’m going on about today 😉

The WhysGuise are a comedy team of five guys (get it!) four of whom met on the set of #Degrassi.  They are Raymond Ablack, Shane Kippel, Dalmar Abuzied, Michael K. Davis and Scott Patterson.  These wise guys are planning to write and star in a sketch comedy series called O’Brother, coming to your computer soon!

The first season of O’Brother Comedy Series will feature 15 episodes. The sketches run a myriad of themes, from action, sci-fi, fantasy, cop drama, social commentary, trans-humanism, animation, things falling on people, people falling on things, bank robberies, apocalypse, divine intervention, artificial intelligence, and if they have time…eggs.

The series will also feature guest stars!  The first of which is…. Wait for it…. Luke Bilyk who has worked on Degrassi, Lost Girl, and Adam’s Testament.  The team knows that this guy can do comedy and they are all set to help him show you just how funny he can be.  Other guests are set to appear on the show but for the time being their names are being withheld to protect the innocent.

By utilizing the power of crowd funding the WhysGuise hope to partner with like-minded souls who love sketch comedy and who are interested in seeing how these 5 guys can make them laugh.  Their campaign is currently running on Indiegogo and by clicking here, you can see their plea for your money as well as a little taste of what you can expect from the series.

I can hear you asking… Are there perks?  Yes, of course, there are perks and they are freaking awesome!  I urge anyone interested in no holds barred comedy, laughter and fun to check these ‘guise’ out and donate to them if you are at all interested.

You can follow the WhysGuise on social media at



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