Where Are They Now: The “Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman” Edition


There is little doubt that today’s culture is infatuated with superheroes. On the big and small screen, superheroes are everywhere, bringing with them the glitz and glamour that you would expect from these larger-than-life characters. However, one of the most memorable of these ventures remains Deborah Joy LeVine’s Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which aired on ABC from 1993 to 1997. Starring Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, the series focused on the romantic relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane, while also following the heroic exploits of Kent’s alterego, Superman. With its fantastic storylines and colorful characters, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman quickly became a commercial success, reaching its height in its third season before petering out after its fourth.

Nevertheless, the show continued to live on due to several tie-in young adult novels and a full-length adult novel titled Lois and Clark: A Superman Novel, as well as its fervent fanbase, which continues to be active even now. In fact, in 2003, fans named Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain as the best Lois and Clark combination ever, surpassing all others in TV and film. So, what is the show’s stand-out cast doing now? Let’s take a trip back to Metropolis and find out!

Dean Cain (Clark Kent/Superman)

dean cain

After playing the Man of Steel for four seasons, Dean Cain starred in a multitude of films, including No Alibi, Flight of Fancy, Rat Race, Descent into Darkness, Out of Time, Post Impact, Lost, Urban Decay, Ace of Hearts, Hole in One, Maneater, 5 Days of War, Dirty Little Trick, Home Run Showdown, Heaven’s Door, God’s Not Dead, The Black Hole and Vendetta. In addition, he made appearances in several made-for-TV movies, most notably The Perfect Husband: The Lacy Peterson Story, in which he played Scott Peterson. He also hosted Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not. Finally, he scored recurring parts on the shows Division, Clubhouse, Hope & Faith, Las Vegas, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and Supergirl. His most recent television role was in the show Hit the Floor as the character Pete Davenport. Fans can expect to see him in the upcoming movies Illicit and A Parent’s Worst Nightmare.

Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane)

teri hatcher

Like her costar, Teri Hatcher has had a prosperous career since Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She starred in the films Tomorrow Never Dies, Spy Kids, A Touch of Fate, Two Girls from Lemoore, Resurrecting the Champ, Caroline and most recently Sundown. In addition, she scored her second most memorable television role in 2004: that of Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives. When that show ended in 2012, she moved on to the show Jane by Design and then Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Her latest TV appearance was in the show The Odd Couple.

Lane Smith (Perry White)

lane smith

After Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman ended, Lane Smith scored guest roles in the shows From the Earth to the Moon, Legacy, King of the Hill, The Practice, Judging Amy and Out of Order. He also starred in the films The Legend of Bagger Vance and The Caprice. Sadly, Smith passed away due to Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2006 at the age of 69.

K Callan (Martha Kent)

k callan

After playing Martha Kent on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, K Callan went on to guest star on a variety of shows, including 7th Heaven, Dawson’s Creek, Crossing Jordan, King of the Hill, CSI, The Division, Nip/Tuck/, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Heroes, Meet the Browns, How I Met Your Mother and Code Black. She also scored roles in the movies A Fare to Remember, Devious Beings, Ninelives, CrazyLove, Midnight Clear, Why Did I Get Married Too?, Not that Funny and Samuel Bleak. Furthermore, she wrote several books designed to offer advice to those getting into the industry, such as Script is Finished, Now What Do I Do, Directing Your Directing Career and How to Sell Yourself as an Actor.

Eddie Jones (Jonathon Kent)

eddie jones

In the years post-Lois and Clark, Eddie Jones has stayed very busy. He starred in the show The Invisible Man from 2000-2002 and guest-starred on the shows Hyperion Bay, Judging Amy, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost Whisperer, Veep and Aquarius. He also scored parts in the movies Return to Me, Seabiscuit, The Terminal, Fighting Tommy Riley and Mercy.

Justin Whalin (Jimmy Olsen)

justin whalin

In many ways, playing Jimmy Olsen remains Justin Whalin’s most notable role to date. Afterwards, he starred in the TV movie Miracles at Midnight and the films Dungeons and Dragons, For the Cause, Blood of Beasts, Slammed, Off the Ledge, Super Capers, The House that Jack Built and most recently Off the Ledge.

Michael Landes (Original Jimmy Olson)

michael landes

Although Michael Landes was only on the show for one season as Jimmy, he made a definite impression and went on to have a very prosperous career. He scored recurring roles in the shows New York Daze, Union Square, Special Unit 2, The Wedding Bells, Love Soup, Material Girl, Upstairs Downstairs, Save Me and CSI. He also starred in the movies Getting Personal, Hart’s War, Final Destination 2, Lucky 13, Last Chance Harvey, Possession, Homecoming, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend, Burlesque, Crush, Soul Mates and The Disappointments Room. Fans can expect to see him in the upcoming films Gold and Shot Caller.

John Shea (Lex Luthor)

john shea

Last but not least, we have John Shea, who played Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor. Like so many of the others, Shea has bounced between film and television throughout his career. He played Adam Kane on Mutant X from 2001-2004 and guest-starred on Law and Order, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife and Agent X. He also starred in the films Getting Personal, Catalina Trust, The Empath, A Broken Sole, The Insurgents, Framed, Julius Caesar, The Trouble With the Truth, A Deadly Obsession and Grey Lady. Fans can expect to see him in the upcoming film Anatomy of the Tide.


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