Blue Élan Records Will Release SEE’s “Ties” EP on June 24th

SEE, the twenty-year-old singer/songwriter and multitalented instrumentalist has released the official music video for “Potions”, the lead track on her newly recorded EP, TiesEveryone is invited to watch this breakthrough video now exclusively featured at at this link.

Ties, which has a drop date of June 24th, 2016 on Blue Élan Records, was produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pete Yorn). The five-track EP successfully pulls elements of pop, alternative rock, and the unique singer-songwriter genre which sets SEE apart from any other artist currently on the market.

Fans can also learn about the recording process of Ties through a two-part mini-documentary series called, ‘Breaking Ties’. In the series, SEE goes in-depth about her creative process, songwriting and more. Click to watch Part I here. and Part II here.

Ties Track Listing:

  1. Green Line Killer
  2. Closed Eyes Open
  3. Blue Await
  4. Potions
  5. She Cries

After teaching herself the drums, guitar, bass, piano, and more, SEE began writing original songs at the age of 15 and eventually became the primary songwriter and drummer for an alternative indie rock band based in Long Island. At the age of 18, SEE began to sing and perform as a solo artist and decided to forgo college in order to pursue a music career full-time.

With her undeniable talent, drive, originality, and ambition, SEE is well on the road to achieving her goal of being one of the most influential artists of her generation.  Click the links and see what SEE has created.  You don’t want to miss this debut.


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