Damien’s Shocking Conclusion is Finally Here

The season finale of Damien hits the ground running with an opening sequence that truly reminds you of what kinds of people are looking to see Damien Thorn (Bradley James) fulfil his destiny as the antichrist!

John Lyons (Scott Wilson) and his armed assistance from Armitage Global attempt to cull the beast, but we quickly see that Damien’s power has been affected by the exorcism as we see him rise from last week’s episode, The Devil You Know.

We follow Damien and Simone (Megalyn E.K.) as they try to escape Lyons, and on the way see other horrible signs of Damien’s now growing power getting out of hand. During this time, viewers will get to see Amani (Omid Abtahi) again after being kidnapped and interrogated by Ann Rutledge. Both Amani and Sister Greta (Robin Wingert) are in a sticky situation, as they are both now being held by Lyons and Rutledge.

Ann’s vendetta against Sister Greta is particularly strong after the loss of her daughter, Victoria (Melanie Scrofano). Their fates are seemingly decided but whether they have one foot in the grave is yet another exciting moment to be seen! Fans will be shaken to the core with this finale, as it never stops to take a breath. It’s loaded with action, shocking moments, and amazing character growth.

The religious and horror tones are thrown into overdrive in an inspired manner, and we finally see each player in their final place in this huge game of Damien’s fate that’s been laid out in ten episodes. After the amazing culmination of events, you’ll see the entirety of Damien reach its peak. This is not a finale you want to miss!

Damien‘s season finale airs tonight, May 9th on A&E!

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