Fandoms and Their Power of Influence: Interview with Stitchers’ Petition Creator Alyssa Lemke

Fandoms are known for their passion. It’s the breath of life that keeps everything in the entertainment industry afloat. The dedicated fanbases will do anything to keep the thing they love, alive. It can be daunting when your small fandom is against the powers that be. But, to the Stitchers’ fandom, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

Sometimes it takes an army, and the Stitchers’ fandom seems to have its fair share of soldiers.

Alyssa Lemke, a junior from Phoenix, Arizona decided to take matters into her own hands to show Freeform just how much the Stitcher’s fandom cares for the show and those involved. She has created a petition for a third season that has reached over 5,000 signatures with over 100 comments on why Freeform should keep the show. Even the show’s creator, Jeff Schechter has shared the petition. So far as bringing it to the networks attention and sharing it with them.

So, if you like Stitchers and you haven’t signed the petition yet, what are you waiting for? If you have yet to see Stitchers and what all the fuss is about, then I ask again, what are you waiting for?

Read below to get to know a little about its’ creator, Alyssa, and just how passionate she is about the show and getting us as many seasons as possible. After that, make sure to sign it yourself (if you haven’t already) so you can be a part of our movement too.

Tell us a little about yourself?

“I’m a junior in High School in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m involved in multiple clubs within my school, including DECA. DECA is a business and marketing organization that I have been a part of since my freshman year. Photography is also a passion I pursue. I often photograph my friends and family for school pictures and family photos. I’m always busy with clubs and school but in my free time you can find me involved with the Stitchers Fandom!”

What is your favorite thing about the Stitchers’ fandom?

“I would have to say my favorite thing about the Fandom is the family-like atmosphere. The interaction between each fan is absolutely amazing. We are able to discuss the show and express our opinions without anyone trying to prove us wrong. This fandom is truly one of a kind. Every fan is so sweet and encouraging and that is what inspires me to be a part of this Fandom.”

How important do you think it is that Networks are accessible through social media?

“I think it is extremely important. Our whole world lives on the Internet now, and I think Networks had to adapt to that. Marketing has also changed, not only for Networks but for everything in general. Social media has made it easier for fans, actors, writers, and networks to interact. Live tweeting and live streaming is something that engages us more with the show. It’s another thing for us to look forward to.”

In your opinion, what do you think drives the Stitchers’ fandom?

“I think the fandom itself drives the fandom if that makes any sense? The encouragement and interaction are so special with this fandom that it inspires each and every one of us to be involved and promote the show. Also, I believe the characters drive us as a fandom. The characters are so unique in a way that all of us can relate to in multiple aspects.”

What inspired you to create a petition for season three?

“When I created the petition, I was at home re-watching Stitchers and the idea came to me randomly. Like every other fan of the show, I wanted to find a way to help promote Stitchers and show the network how much of an impact it had on the fans. I didn’t expect such an amazing turnout, all I wanted was the fans to get involved and hopefully get the networks attention. I’m still not sure what the petition will do and how it will impact the Network’s decision on season 3 but I believe anything will help!

I’d also like to thank the entire cast and crewmembers for making Stitchers so amazing. And of course, thank you to the fandom for being my inspiration!”


Make sure to sign this petition to show your support for Stitchers season 3!
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