Singer-Songwriter Quinell Releases Mini Documentary Inspired by Coen Brothers

The films of the Coen Brothers have inspired people across the creative universe. Numerous filmmakers and actors cite them as a major influence. Possibly the biggest impact created by them, though, comes in the musical realm. The 2000 film “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” introduced the masses to an entire history of American music, sprinkling its hit soundtrack with era-appropriate folk music and bluegrass. More recently, the 2013 film “Inside Llewyn Davis” brought back the early 1960’s New York folk scene and the music that sprung forth from that.

It was the latter film that inspired singer-songwriter Quinell to create “From the Woods: Inside Llewyn Davis.”

Released in collaboration with HitFix, Quinell turned his attention to this movie, teaming up with director Justin Frick to create the mini-documentary. Quinell performs three of the film’s songs in picturesque locales, showcasing the Pacific Northwest he is so familiar with.

“There’s something so familiar and comforting about a folk song,” said Quinell of the project. “As soon as I heard, “Hang Me O Hang Me” in the opening scene, I knew that I wanted to do something with this particular soundtrack. As luck would have it, Justin was going to be up at his cabin on Priest Lake for a few weeks, and he loves these songs/movie as much as I do. He had the idea to record and shoot these songs in one day out in three different locations around the lake. In an era of hyper-produced music and a lot of noise, we set out to bring some stripped back folk songs and remind people that it’s alright to slow down for a while.”

Self-funding his musical career through commercial fishing trips to Alaska, Quinell released his first album in 2013, ‘Til We’re Free. Since then Quinell has teamed up with Frick to create the Village Hall Sessions, a series of raw live videos showing songs that will appear on Quinell’s forthcoming EP.

You can see Quinell’s take on this Coen Brothers film in “From the Woods: Inside Llewyn Davis” at HitFix now.

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