Comic-Con HQ: Official Launch and Highlights

Comic-Con International and Lionsgate launched their subscription VOD channel Comic-Con HQ on May 7th which was also Free Comic Book Day this year – perfect timing.  According to Seth Laderman, exec VP and general manager for Comic-Con HQ:


Comic-Con HQ aspires to extend that exchange 365 days a year, bringing everything we love about Comic-Con to the world in ways never before seen and experienced. The new platform will provide a year-round destination to enjoy all facets of the community and access the vast diversity of content the world has come to expect from the largest and longest-running pop cultural celebration of the year.


With Comic-Con San Diego less than a month away there are new and exciting things happening at Comic-Con HQ.  Their first original serialized series, “Her Universe Fashion Show”, created by Ashley Eckstein, officially premieres this week (June 30th).  You can also catch up with Con Man, the series this week, since you can officially binge all of Season 1 starting Thursday and be on track for the premiere of season 2!

Comic-Con HQ has also announced that as of this Thursday, the VOD channel will officially join the Amazon Streaming Partners Program, giving you yet another way to officially get your geek on.

Here is a rundown and brief description of the shows that are premiering this week on Comic-Con HQ:


Follow “Geek Couture” designers as they tirelessly sketch, cut and sew their creations into geek culture-inspired designs, all leading up to the 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con. The series will follow the entire journey of the chosen designers, from the submission process and open auditions, to the judges’ deliberations, and on to the actual fashion show, plus everything in-between. The strongest designs, featuring anime, comic book, sci-fi, and fantasy themed dresses, will win apparel lines at Hot Topic. Hosted and created by Ashley Eckstein.


2016 short form Emmy contender Con Man centers on the post-show life of Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk) the co-star of Spectrum, a sci-fi series, which was canceled before its time and went on to become a cult classic beloved by fans. Wray’s good friend, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion) starred in the series as Captain and has gone on to become a major celebrity, while Wray (Tudyk) hasn’t achieved his desired level of stardom. Wray is the begrudging guest of sci-fi conventions, comic book store appearances, and different pop culture events; however, everything is not as it seems from the outside.


What’s News? Hosts Anthony Carboni and Trisha Hershberger are ready to find out! Comic-Con HQ’s original news program offers viewers industry insight and hilarious discussions relating to all of the series and fandoms we love. This weekly update for nerds around the globe is the ultimate destination for sci-fi, superheroes, board games, anime, video games, magic, and discovering new interests. Executive Produced by Kevin Pereira.


Film HQ is your weekly deep dive into all things cinema. Join film experts John Campea, Jon Schnepp, Whitney Moore and a rotating panel of guests as they tackle the big releases each week, industry news that audiences should know, and interview some of Hollywood’s biggest players.


This is a hilarious late night comedy talk show starring Steve Zaragoza and featuring news, commentary, guests, and a healthy dose of the unexpected. Mostly Harmless takes a deep dive into current topics, but also brings the funny – this series might not offer a Socratic debate to prove if Batman or Superman is the better hero, but in its place you’ll probably see a sketch of sumo-Superman dropping a two-ton mic onto scrawny little Bruce as he zips about on his bat-hoverboard! Executive Produced by Kevin Pereira.


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