Exclusive Interview with Morgan St. Pierre from MTV’s Are You The One?

This season of Are You The One? premiered last week! Recently I chatted with Morgan St. Pierre, one of this season’s contestants. He talked about what to expect from this season and his influence in the house. Read our interview below.


We just saw the pilot! So many crazy things went down and it’s only the first episode!

“(laughs) Oh, it’s only going to build! It’s only going to get worse and worse, better and better… in a good way.”

Was it your first time being in Hawaii?

“It was my first time being in Hawaii.”

How did you like it?

“The weather kinda sucked. (laughs). I mean Maui was cool! I didn’t get to go the beach as much as I wanted to, unfortunately, but I don’t have any complaints. It was an incredible experience, I’m happy about it. There was a lot of raining, a lot of random downpours.”

Did you always want to pursue reality TV?

“I thought about it, but I definitely had my reservations. I didn’t want to be that guy… the reality show guy, you know? Originally I thought I was a little too cool for school, but I realized I’m not that cool so I said, ‘f*ck it’ and went on it to see what happens.”

It can’t be an easy process, how do you choose which couple to put in the truth booth?

“I was a part of the key role players who told everyone else who to vote for and then we’d make a decision from there.”

Did you ever have more than one person in mind to be your match?

“I definitely did. (laughs). It came down to three interesting, beautiful ladies. I wasn’t really head over heels for anyone, but I was trying to figure it out. That’s the thing about this show, you’re forced to keep on exploring. In life, where you normally would give up on something or someone, here you have to keep digging deeper, which is cool.

I haven’t been in too many serious relationships. I’m very picky. I think a lot of people are just in relationships just to be in them.”

Do you think love, at first sight, is a real concept?

“No. (laughs). I mean I think a one-night stand, at first sight, is a concept for sure. (laughs). It’s interesting, there’s been a lot of studies…you can watch someone’s job interview and see a clip of just their handshake and predict within 90% accuracy whether or not they’re going to get hired.

Studies like that prove that your gut instinct is often just as good as having an hour-long conversation with someone. So first impressions are extremely important, which is why I know there’s definitely lust at first sight, but you have to take everything with a grain of salt.”

If you were to win the whole million dollars, right here right now, what would be the first thing that you would do?

“I would get a 401K, and I would love to buy a condo in the city and just live in an apartment and run it. I’d invest and build my real estate empire.”

You can catch Are You The One? on Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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