Tabletop Tuesday: “T.I.M.E. Stories” by Space Cowboys

imageT.I.M.E Stories is a cooperative deduction game. There is an overarching goal you will need to accomplish with little idea on how to achieve it. You and your team will need to travel to various locations to find clues that with help lead you towards success.

The catch here is that you only have a limited amount of time to complete the mission. Once your time is up, you’ll need to abort your mission and travel back to the beginning. Use your time wisely and remember as much as you can: failure is not an option.

Here’s a breakdown of how this all plays out, but I suggest checking out their website for more information.

First, the players choose a location to travel to with each location being broken down into several areas that have an event card associated with it.

Each player will decide on an area separately and read the event card to yourself (unless you both choose the same area).

You then let the other players know what you encountered, but you cannot read the card aloud word for word. You have to do your best to break it down to them.

Afterwards, you’ll resolve the encounter whether it be collecting an item, rolling dice, following instructions, or simply making a decision.

Each mission starts with a detailed briefing that explains your main objective, special rules, and icons.

The game is great, but I will throw this out there. After playing a mission all the way through finally, I don’t see much use in replaying it later or even with a different group. At that point, you know what’s going down and how to handle it. Luckily, they’ve answered this with additional expansions, but it’s questionable at best in regards to having the need to buy an expansion to continue enjoying a board game.

I recommend checking the game out, but do so knowing that once you’ve played the first few missions, you’ll probably want to buy the expansions if you hope to continue enjoying  the T.I.M.E stories.


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