An Interview with Dark Matter’s Roger Cross, Melissa O’Neil, and Melanie Liburd

Season 2 of Dark Matter aired tonight on Syfy, and with season 2 comes part two of the conference calls with the cast–this time with Roger Cross, Melissa O’Neil, and Melanie Liburd. Here they talk all things Dark Matter, plus some other…interesting subjects.

Melanie, tell us about your character joining the rest of the group.  How is it going to shake up everything?

(Melanie Liburd) “First of all it’s been fantastic joining the series. But did you guys — I hear you guys have had screeners of the first and the second episode. Is that right?”

Yes, I’ve seen both of them. 

(Melanie) “Nyx is a character that I’ve really enjoyed playing. But your question is how does she fit into the group?” 

Yes, once they are back on the Raza how is she going to interact? 

(Melanie) “Oh, once they are back on the Raza. Well, I don’t want to give like more of the series away but yes… She finds similarities between herself and she can kind of identify herself if you like with the other members of the crew. So yes, I think Nyx’s been around for a long time so she finally finds likeminded people that she can kind of identify and connect with. So she fits in quite well.” 

OK, great.  Is it going to cause friction or anything like that?

(Melanie) “Yes I think that we have fun together lots of us, have lots of fun.” 

What kind of fun? 

(Melanie) “Well, that could mean a couple of things now then I guess. Tension, well, that could mean different things too, just in general because I’m not sure (how to get this) just in general.  Melissa I’ll let you answer that one?” 

(Melissa O’Neil) “This is (not my place), but yes sure. I mean yes it’s a difficult first opening question. The character of Nyx like she comes in and she’s like, she is strong and powerful and Mel brings like this natural sexiness. So I think it would be it would be crazy for there not to be someone drawn to her character. And I think like in terms of friction-friction, you know everybody comes with their own set of baggage. And for her to come onto the ship with whatever ends up being her baggage, it’s deciding whether or not the crew of the Raza wants to help her, you know. That’s all I’ll say, that’s all I’ll say.” 

(Melanie) “OK, thank you.” 

(Melissa) “Do you have anything to add Roger?” 

(Roger Cross) “You know what, it’s kind of like anything like whether it be school or whether it be workplace and that sort of thing. Everyone has their place in a sense and we really struggle with finding our place because you know the loss of the memory all that sort of thing. And we all now kind of sort of found our way and found our place admist the crew. I of course blow that up, or Six I should say blows that up. And then here comes this new person who is a very strong powerful character also very sexy and all that. And that was kind of like, there will be that probably like eying each other up kind of thing that would naturally occur to say (mmh), what’s their deal, what strengths do they bring and maybe a little competition that sort of thing without giving too much. It spices things up which is great.”   

(Melanie) “And then what — I was going to just add to, they’ve allowed me on their ship. So initially I mean throughout the season you know then there might be tension in the future but what you have to remember is Nyx has just been invited onto someone else’s ship. So initially she’s trying to win the other crew members over so she can stay.” 

Six is struggling too. How is that going to work out? Assuming that hopefully he wakes up and gets out of that containment thing soon — are they going to be able to forgive him? Is that going to cause a problem or can you not really say a lot about that? 

(Roger) “I won’t get into it too much but I mean you guys can figure it out. Naturally there’ll be people who are more hurt than others and people who will be more forgiving than others, and then we just have figure out how we move forward or don’t move forward. And maybe you can’t move forward and maybe that causes a whole other thing with us. And so there’s a lot to play with there because any kind of betrayal — and we know generally in life people might do things and wrong you in a certain way and though you may forgive but not forget and so that might loom a little bit, and even with the forgiveness may come other issues. And so there’s a lot that we were allowed to play with this season that I think you guys will enjoy. And one — that’s what I love about (this series) also; everyone will relate to different people in different ways and everyone will agree. People will agree with some people and disagree with others and some people like you know get over it, other people go, no I wouldn’t get over it that quickly. And so it just, it’s going to you know going to be fun to hear what people have to say.”

Yes, well, he does try help save them again so at least that’s a good thing.

(Roger) “Exactly. He loves them, but you know he just thinks that they might have had some flaws.”

Melissa, can talk a bit about the fallout for Two as she continues to deal with the reality she’s not quite human. 

(Melissa)  “The fallout. I don’t know if she grapples so much with the fact that she’s not human so much as the conflicts come with not understanding her origin story and not quite knowing who she is and if anything were to go wrong where is she supposed to go for answers especially since you know in the first season we found that wherever she did come from is not exactly a hospitable environment for her to return to seek answers. So the fallout is that the result of what she learned last season is that, she comes into this environment where more than ever she feels like she can do it on her own because she’s empowered by this knowledge that because of this revelation, she might have some sense of invincibility on a certain level you know. But we really don’t explore that a little too much until a little bit later in the season. This season has a lot of stuff coming at us fast and hard.” 

This came up on Twitter actually earlier for you Melissa… we’ve seen her with One and with Three and then there’s also been discussion that maybe she gets a girlfriend. So what are your thoughts on that? 

(Melissa) “Ooh lala. That’s something that I’ve been grappling with a lot, because as much as I’d like to see to Two explore things that any woman would which involves you know loneliness and a desire for companionship and everything, I feel like she’s got some seriously big fish to fry and that those thoughts probably consume her. They probably motivate her in a huge way. I think that the way maybe some a person who was adopted at some point in their life they hit a point where they’re just like I just want answers. And I think more than anything that’s what consumes her right now. Who knows what’s going to happen in season two. 

I love that it’s become a conversation. I can’t even tell you guys how many times I’ve been asked that question on Twitter because I was being a bit of a knob and making jokes about Nyx but you know, who knows? It would be really neat to see her like that. But I agree with one comment I saw on Twitter which is that she’s got a lot going on and I’m not sure if that’s a part of what drives her given her origins. I mean I do hope to continue exploring that part of her story. So she is hoping.”

(Roger) “Are you accusing her of being with herself there? Are you accusing her of being free with her loving?”

(Melissa) “Free with my loving? Shut up, Roger.” 

(Melanie) “It’s the future…male or female.”

(Melissa) “I mean we’ve all got open minds I guess.”

(Roger) “Exactly.” 

(Melissa) “Oh God.”

Melanie, I want to ask you a question because you know I doubt that your introduction into the group is going to be without its problems but you’re going to settle in and what not. But I have a feeling you have a different kind of trouble from Three. Do you think you’re going to have to keep that guy in line because he seems to be a little cheeky?

(Melanie) “We have some really interesting fun together actually the dynamics of that our relationship. And there are moments where he drives me insane and there are moments where I think, oh he’s not such a bad guy but that’s Three for you though. But yes it was really fun but yes, we’ll see.”

(Roger) “OK, Roger is coming.”

Roger I’m just curious you’ve been in a million things and I’m wondering if anyone has ever called you the Canadian (Mark Shepherd) before? 

(Roger) “The Canadian (Mark)? I know (Mark), actually I worked with him. Not said before.”

 (Melissa) “Of course you did.” 

(Roger) “Not surprisingly, right? OK, you know I’ve heard that before and we have you know we laugh about it and stuff. It just means we’ve had long careers and we’re still here and we just keep working and keep doing our thing. And he’s a great actor so.” 

Are you anything at all — are you at all like Six or any character traits that you in real life share with your character? 

(Roger) “Oh man, I think I’m very different from Six. You know I mean I’m very different from Six. What do you guys think? Tell me what do you guys think?” 

(Melanie) “Yes, you’re definitely more of a jokster.”

(Roger) “Oh.”   

(Melissa) “You’re so silly. You have a really fun, incorrigible, cheeky side to you and we don’t get to see that in Six, we get to see the advice giver. No, you give good advice, Roger.” 

(Roger) “Oh (whoopee).”

(Melissa) “But, most of the time you’re chilling, you’re having fun. You’re not a traitor, you’re not a traitor.” (Roger) “No, that’s true.” 

 (Melissa) “Six isn’t a traitor either.” 

(Melanie) “I don’t think Six can dance as well as Roger. No way.”

(Roger) “What.”   

(Melissa) “Oh yes.”   

(Melanie) “Six he hasn’t got the moves like Roger, no way.” 

(Melissa) “That’s true.” 

(Roger) “So there you go.”

(Melissa) “I think he’s got that one two step.” 

(Melanie) “Yes, yes.”   

Melanie was there anything that you added to your role that may have not been originally been scripted for you? 

(Melanie) “I think as an actress you kind of add yourself. I mean that’s what you can do to find the truth in your work. There’s always a little bit of yourself that comes out as well that’s going to be different to what’s written on the paper I suppose. Yes.” 

Roger, what do you think it is about the show that has made it such a fan favorite program?

(Roger) “I think everyone can relate to a lot of it or would like to relate to a lot of it. The fact that as I said, people made mistakes in their lives and done things that they might not be happy with and what if you got a chance to start over? Would that be great or would that be horrible because you know we’re the sum of our parts and our experiences, right? And so people like to look at that then think about that. And then also on top of it when you do try and change what people say, you know I’m not going to do any of that any more, I’m not going to do this or do that blah, blah, blah. Will the other people that they may have wronged allow them to? And so I think bigger than that and also the great fun and action in characters that they’ve created on the show, a lot of people can relate to it and enjoy seeing the interaction of this very diverse group of people that we come together and we form you know a bizarre family.” 

Are you looking forward to the instant fan feedback you’re going to be receiving from this season? You guys are all a part of social media, very active as well. 

(Melanie) “Yes.”   

(Melissa) “Yes.”   

(Roger) “Oh yes, it’s always — it’s as close as you can get to, you know when you do a play you get the immediate you know reaction from the audience. This is as close as we can get in this day and age because you know you never, you didn’t have that you know a decade ago kind of thing even.”  

(Melanie) “Yes. And especially as a new character for me, I mean the fans have already been so supportive absolutely lovely and welcoming and they haven’t even seen me in the show yet so it’s really lovely. Hopefully I’m just hoping that they like it or my character I should say, yes.” 

Melissa and Roger, last season the theme was here’s some characters who need to discover who they are. Now that they are finding that they are getting some answers to that, what would you say that this season’s theme is? 

(Melissa) “We continue that journey but we find ourselves in this budding intergalactic corporate conspiracy. And so while trying to figure out who the heck we’re having to deal with something so much larger than us. And it turns out that we have a very important role to play if we can get our hands on a couple of really important pieces.  And I think what’s really interesting about that is, if you look at what happening in today’s science news, we’re — it’s very topical like we are, it just so happens that Joe is writing about things that is like at the cutting edge of science right now. So yes, this is going to be enjoyable both for people that are fans of the sci-fi fiction element and also how we’ve kind of integrated some really topical themes in today’s you know science news too.” 

(Roger) “Yes, what’s great is that, now that we’ve you know in a sense established who the characters are, now actually that we can now explore outwards as well as just inwards. And so now we can go out and you can see these people in action in their elements a little bit more and not so much questioning and try to figure out who they are. I mean of course after they get over the betrayal and all that sort of thing if they get over it, and it’s more I guess we can go on more adventures this season and not have to discuss as many things.”   

(Melissa) “Yes, but even then just to add onto that. While we’re continuing to figure out who we’re based off of the morsels of information we were able to get last season, it’s also trying to decide what we think of each other as each person has integrated that new information and whether or not we feel like that person is capable of changing or if they were able to start with a blank slate or not. Yes, it continues to be a lot of introspection with a lot of adventure at the same time too.” 

I also have a question for Melanie. We don’t really know a lot about Nyx yet. I was wondering if you could maybe describe her and tell us what motivates her. 

(Melanie) “Nyx I think she’s been looking and I think she comes across the crew of the Raza and she — I mean she’s a strong individual that’s been looking after herself and she has a kind of a secret that will come out later on. But she needs the crew of the Raza for different reasons as well as finding like people that she identifies with and like a new family. But she also has a secret that she kind of, she’s almost been looking for a team of people like that to help her with other things which will become apparent. But yes, she is a very interesting character and also quite a closed character.  She is non-trusting because she hasn’t really had any family or had anyone that she’s been very close to for a while because she has been on her own for such a long time and in and out of prison.” 

What would you say that you are most excited about for viewers in season two? 

(Melissa) “Oh my god.” 

(Roger) “Most.”   

(Melissa) “I’m really excited for them to see these new characters that we have and the developments with a few specific characters. If I were a super fan I would be really excited to see the journey that the Android goes on this season. And are these spoilers, is this a spoiler the way I’m talking about this is that? No it’s not.” 

(Roger) “It’s not big enough.” 

(Melissa) “Yes. And also like I think I’m most excited to see how people receive the story lines for the Android and Four and also Nyx. Nyx’s storyline is so cool. Those are the three that I’m most excited for fans experience.” 

(Melanie) “I’m really excited for the fans to see all the fight sequences. But I’ve been blown away you know the fight just watching everyone in action like seeing Melissa do her stuff and the big, big fight scenes. I mean in the first episode we kick off with a huge sequence which is I can’t wait to see. I’m really excited, it was really exciting to film so…” 

(Roger) “Yes, no I agree the interaction of the new cast members and a lot of things that we’re allowed to explore now and go on more adventures as I said. Because now we will, we’ll still be discovering something about ourselves but we don’t have to explain as much to the fans because now that you know all right, this is what is going to happen and we’ll have some fun with it. And so it’s going to be an exciting new season.”

Melissa, you came to Dark Matter as a science fiction novice and you’ve now had a year of being sort of a science fiction icon if you like. So can you describe how that experience has been your introduction to sci-fi?

(Melissa) “I think it’s been incredible. The few — I’ve only been to two cons but I’ll go with what my experience has been online. And we recently finished this Q&A — well everyone submitted their question eons ago, but I finally finished it. And I think what I love the most about sci-fi (fandom) or people that are fans of sci-fi is that they are really hooked on the details and the storytelling aspect of everything. I’ve really enjoyed, I love jamming about scenes and the content of what we’re talking about and the themes in the show. And people are genuinely interested in the world that we’ve created and it’s really fun to talk to them about it. It almost feels like we’re talking at work, like I’m talking to another co-worker because they are just as invested and interested in the details and the nuances as we are. And I don’t think that any other kind of genre has that kind of attention to detail. So I think that’s kind of my favorite part of sci-fi fans, (fandom).” 

Melissa, your character was worried about if they got picked up by the (galactic) authority they were worried about her being dismantled for being an illegal experiment. Can you tell us a little bit about how she’s going to keep her secret there in prison? 

(Melissa) “Yes, good question. This is exactly what I was just talking about.”   

(Melanie) “Good question.”   

(Melissa) “I imagine that that kind of information is actually classified to a certain degree. This is how I rationalize the logic in my mind and that, that information hasn’t been declassified, hasn’t been actually let out by (Dwarf Star Technologies) because they are trying to get a hold of Rebecca which is Portia Lin which is Two because that’s their prototype and their property. And like any large corporation when they have go a prototype that has gone un — like hasn’t gone well and is deemed by them to be unsuccessful, you obviously don’t want that parading around being the hall mark for your company. So I think that that is what we’re going with. And I imagine that if Two ever stirred the pot enough to cause (Dwarf Star Technologies) enough of a headache that they would release that information to the galactic authority so that she kind of wouldn’t have anywhere to go and that there would be a bit of a price on her head. That’s the rationality that I have gone with.                                

I think that the galactic authority only knows Rebecca as Portia Lin. There is no Rebecca, there is no Two. They only know Portia Lin who has been this person, this mercenary that’s committed all of these crimes. That’s how I rationalized it in my head.” 

We’ve seen (intros), we’ve seen your character wielding a gun and we’ve seen behind the scene photos holding a sword. Can you tell us anything about what type of fight skills she’ll bring? 

(Melanie) “Yes. Yes Nyx loves her — she’s a very physical being and she we’ve done lots of bo staff. She likes the bo staff and she loves the sword and she loves guns. So that’s been a very enjoyable process and really challenging actually as well. But yes, as well as lots of training in the mess with other members of the crew she also goes out and gets busy, gets busy with the staff. Does that answer your question?”

What was your reaction initially to finding out that One is presumably dead? 

(Roger) “Oh (gee), well.”

Did you read that in your script or not? 

(Roger) “Well, presumably, it’s got to be heart wrenching. I mean this is the one person that in a sense was the heart but then the more optimistic person about being able to change and turn over this new leaf and do good things. And he was the guy pushing forward who goes, no we can help, we can do good things. Forget where we were in the past, we can be this in the future. And he’s the guy that everyone kind of could talk to, I mean all except for Three. Three comes around and goes, OK all right you’re not so bad. It’s a gut punch because kind of like here was the innocent in a sense and if he goes it’s kind of like ooh, that’s a huge blow.”   

(Melissa) “Yes he is an innocent. You’re talking about our characters, right not us personally?” 

(Roger) “Yes.” 

(Melissa) “Both, oh jeez. Yes both Marc and his character are definitely what I would describe as the heart of the show. And I have a vivid memory of actually Mel talking about how in her first experience on set just how she I don’t need to speak for you Mel. But I remember when you were talking about…”   

(Melanie) “Oh yes cool.”   

(Melissa) “The first time you kind of like saw Marc around on set.” 

(Melanie) “Yes.” 

(Melissa) “And he just he’s such a team player and he’s a person that can bring everyone in and that’s what he brought to his take on One and I think that Two also appreciated that in that character. And also whatever it was that they had behind closed doors and the obvious affection that they had for each other when they weren’t just fooling around, but it is of course a massive blow. And for Two specifically, even more so because she is so deeply wants to take care of everybody and protect everyone. And the fact that they got split up and something happened when she couldn’t even be there to fight is awful just awful, just awful.”   

(Roger) “And Six also has to deal with the fact that in a sense he may be responsible.” 

(Melissa) “Yes, right.”

(Roger) “That’s part of that guilt that he will possible have to bear if it turns out that he is in effect gone that you know for all the good he was trying to do, you know this could have been his fault.”   

(Melissa) “You caused the death.”

(Roger) “Yes, and you’re trying to do the right things in life and that’s why I said — that’s what I guess a lot of fans maybe relate to. Everyone the only thing you can control is your intent and even with the best intentions you know things can go awry. And so and then you still have to deal with the guilt of that, right because you know there results count whether your intent, you didn’t intend injury or heartache or hurt it happened. So now you have to deal with it and live with the results of your actions.” 

So for Melanie and Melissa, there is like a fight scene in the first episode. So how long did that take to film? 

(Melanie) “Oh. Well, we had a good day, a good half a day of rehearsal for me especially because it was my first. I remember being told my first day on set would be OK, you’re going to be in your underwear, you’re going to do a fight scene and welcome to this crew of amazing actors, off you go. (Had me) feeling terrified thinking, oh shit. Yes, I mean the guys were amazing. Melissa is like such pro I just watch her in action and she — John (instead of) called me so he would show Melissa a fight scene and she’d be like yes I got it and I’d be like oh my god, I mean …”

(Melissa) “But Mel is being modest, you are being modest because I remember on that the first day when we did rehearsal we were definitely moving at one speed. And the thing is because when you have fights that are actors versus another actor, you have your stunt double come in. So Mel and I actually only fight it for certain pieces together but I remember what bits I saw of her on that first day she was working at one speed. And the next day when we were actually doing the fight like she was totally at full speed. It was amazing like she obviously did what I had been doing all of first season where you go home and you stand in front of mirror and you fight yourself until you’re going at lightning speed. And yes, she really brought it that day. And there was a couple of we both get zapped and pretending to get hit by a laser, by a taser was just hilarious. So she was just shrinking against the wall when you don’t actually have a taser. It’s just the most ridiculous thing to do in front of people anyway.” 

(Melanie) “Oh, God. That was funny, but thank you. Lots of practice, lots of practice.” 

In essence they are all guilty of crimes even before the white hole fiasco. How do the characters really deal with the fact that they are guilty and they really do deserve to be in prison where they are for these first two episodes? 

(Roger) “That’s it though, bad things happen in life and it’s kind of like if you’re not going to quit you better you know get out there and start making up for it or something. And so that’s at the end of the day as guilty as they are, they know that there are bigger criminals out there if you will in these corporations and in these other people that you know, we may be rebels but we’re more honest than a lot of these other guys. And now we have a chance to actually do something and make up for it and we’re going to do that. And so I think that’s a huge thing for them.”

(Melissa) “They’re survivors. Yes, they are absolute survivors. They land in this place and because we all get kind of split but for the crew that I end up locking with, it’s about getting back to the rest of our team and getting the hell out there. Like where’s the kid, where’s Five? How do we get back to our crew mates because we can’t just leave them behind. If they are not here they are somewhere else and we don’t know if they are safe and we can take care ourselves and we can get the hell out of there and we’re not going to stay there and rot in jail. What’s the point?                                

None of these characters it doesn’t matter where they come from and it certainly doesn’t play into play into their criminal past. If anything, their criminal past plays into the fact that they would want to escape this environment. I don’t think that their idea of justice comes from something that the galactic authority has decided.”

(Melanie) “And who is to say that they you know what, who is right in this instance? From my point of view Nyx she is from a circumstance that she has no choice. And if that means being chased by an authority then so be it because she can’t stay where she’s originally from because it is not safe, it’s not nice. So she does what she can to survive like Melissa said and just to hustle and use the skills that she has got to, yes survive.” 

(Roger) “Well, it’s like you said before, she is a survivor and she’s finally found a group that she can relate to. And you know these aren’t, you see being good and bad is kind of like not fully black and white because good people do bad things and bad people do good things every day. And sometimes the lines get blurred and it’s kind of like you know who is really good and who is really bad. And that’s part of the line that we cross and go back and forth and between each day if you will because it’s not black and white, it’s grey in a lot of ways.” 

(Melanie) “Yes, and I think all the characters struggle with — or they are torn in a way. There’s always a conflict which is very interesting in all the characters. Well what’s the right thing to do especially as the leader (Two) of the group? Like it’s constant thinking what’s the right thing to do, what do I need to do for my career, what do we need to do to survive, what do we need to do?”

(Melissa) “Pretty interesting.” 

Roger, playing back into this whole idea of guilt and stuff,Six is an authority figure. He works for the GA, he’s a cop and yet he has — he starts out in the first two episodes with this idea that he’s one of the good guys but he’s beginning to see that it is not black and white. Could you elaborate a little bit on this and the conflict Six faces? 

(Roger) “He is trying to do the right thing. He’s trying to be the authority figure that he discovered that he is. He is a cop, he swore an oath to protect — uphold the law and protect people. And so it’s kind of like what is the higher calling to uphold this law that’s set out by a bunch of hypocrites that are doing it to control people and basically this makes themselves more powerful and wealthy, or do I uphold the greater law of taking care of people and doing the right thing? 

And maybe this group as bad as they may be, they are less — they are not as bad as these other guys and they may be able to do some good out there and help instead of you know that. Maybe he ends up doing thing that people don’t expect to help this group because he feels it’s a higher calling and a true calling of his heart if you will because he is the guy that always wants to do the right thing and that’s a problem sometimes. You can’t please everyone and what’s right for one could be wrong for another. You know so he struggles with that.”

When you guys have a break between filming scenes what do you do in your spare time?

(Melissa) “We behave poorly.”   

(Roger) “Sleep, we sing.”

(Melissa) “Yes, I’ve got some serious behind the scenes footage of Roger or Alex stamping, like getting down. We listen to music, we watch like videos. Sometimes like Alex has these virtual reality goggles like he’s got his ocular something.”

(Roger) “Oh, that is so much fun.” 

 (Melanie) “That’s crazy.”   

(Melissa) “Sometimes we have (like) girl talk.” 

 (Roger) “Yes sometimes we play Doom and all kinds of stuff on. It’s amazing and stuff so.” 

(Melissa) “Getting tea.”   

(Roger) “Yes tea.”   

(Melissa) “Ridiculous things.”   

(Melanie) “Cross days.”   

(Melissa) “If you’re Anthony you’re like you’re being very fancy on your cellphone. Yes, it depends on the day.” 

(Roger) “Yes it’s playing, do I give them some credit yes and playing some Candy Crush.” 

(Melissa) “Oh my God. Yes, Roger’s actually always playing Candy Crush.” 

(Melanie) “We did a bar routine.”   

(Melissa) “Oh yes, we’ll do ballet bars sometimes.” 

(Melanie) “Ballet bar for the bum.”

(Roger) “There you go.”   

(Melissa) “Or we’ll lurk around video village and ask the writers if we can say this or if we can say that instead.”

(Roger) “That’s true, always trying to change it.” 

(Melissa) “Can you explain this, I don’t understand. Yes.”   

(Roger) “Yes, we basically act most of the times though.” 

Who was your favorite guest star to work with this season?

(Roger) “Oh, we can’t tell you some of them yet.”   

(Melissa) “Mike Dopud.”   

(Roger) “Yes, I know. That’s true they know about Mike, yes Mike.” 

(Melissa) “He was my favorite.”   

(Melanie) “Who don’t they know about? I don’t know, I don’t know who they don’t know yet.” 

(Roger) “Mike and I didn’t get to do anything but Mike and I are longtime friends and so I loved to have him and having him around.”

(Melanie) “Yes.” 

(Melissa) “He’s so great. I just loved working with him and it was really nice because the interaction between Two and Arax — how did we decide we were going to pronounce that, Arax?”   

(Melanie) “Arax.”   

(Melissa) “Arax. But I loved the dynamic that Two and Arax had and it was really fun because actually before we even had a chance to properly talk to Mike as a human being we were shooting these scenes and we’re being very sassy with each other. So it was a very weird but to kind of get off on. But he is such a lovely human being and it was such a pleasure having him on our show and I really hope that we get to have him back because he’s great and so is his character. It adds a lot. Oh, that doesn’t count, never mind. I was about to say of course Sipos but I was about to say Sipos but he’s like.” 

(Melanie) “I was going to say (Shaun)…”   

(Melissa) “Yes but he’s regular, he’s like a series yes …” 

(Melanie) “Oh.”   

(Melissa) “So it doesn’t really count as a guest star I guess.” 

(Melanie) “He was fun.” 

(Melissa) “But we all liked (Shaun).”   

(Melanie) “Yes. Even though he hit me in the head with a bowl.”

Melissa and Roger, there have been some major gaps in everyone’s memory still. So I’m wondering if there’s the potential for them getting at least some of their memory back this season and could it potentially help them in their present situation? 

(Roger) “Yes, well Six is having a real issue because every time he thinks he knows who he is he gets thrown another curve ball that he really doesn’t. And so maybe that’s his thing for his life that when do you really figure out who you truly are? And so we will get more info on our characters and we probably we will get some people more than others will you know maybe return — retain some more of their memories. But once again as I said it’s just a — it’s a tough thing what defines you, right? And with every experience you change and become a new person. So that’s — it’s going to be, it’s going to be a fun season for people to discover things with us. How’s that?”

(Melissa) “No I feel — I think that was a very good answer and I agree with it. I’m not sure what else I can add to it.”

If you guys couldn’t be an actor what might you be doing instead? 

(Roger) “Flying an airplane.” 

(Melanie) “That’s a very great question. Oh, so many different things. I still want to try so many different things. Probably something creative; I love art, I love to paint.” 

(Roger) “A fashion photographer would be fun.” 

(Melanie) “Help people, yes. Help people. Like a doctor that would be fun.”

(Melissa) “Oh, a doctor.”   

(Roger) “That would be fun.”

(Melanie) “I mean to be able to save someone’s life, that would be amazing.” 

(Melissa) “I would start with pursuing becoming a teacher and then I would probably get stuck in university just like learning and learning and then probably end up picking a topic which would probably be psychology or anthropology. I’m really interested in that and then I would get stuck there in school. I like learning.” 

(Roger) “There you go, become a culture anthropologist.”

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