Exclusive Interview with Legends of Tomorrow’s Matt Letscher


Matt Letscher discovered his love for acting in high school, participating in various plays and projects. He went on to attend the Universtiy of Michigan and earned his BA in theater. However, it wasn’t until he attended a series of workshops with the renowned Uta Hagen that he knew that acting was the path for him. He made his debut as a guest star on the popular TV show Saved by the Bell: The College Years, after which he began to score various roles on the big and small screen. Talk Nerdy With Us recently chatted with Matt about his return to The Flash in the Season 3 premiere entitled ‘Flashpoint’ and his new series regular role on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow. Watch the trailer for ‘Flashpoint’ and read our interview below!


When did you find out you’d be returning to the DC Universe shows?

I found out back in February. I was actually testing for a Warner Bros pilot and was pulled from the test. We were told, “Why is Matt testing for this? We just had a long conversation with Greg Berlanti about him as a regular next season!” That’s how I found out. (laughs).

Have you read the Flashpoint comic?

Working on it now.  It’s epic.

Did you watch season one of Legends of Tomorrow prior to joining the cast?

I did. My son is a big fan and I came to be one, too. I love the risks and (literal) leaps they take.

On a scale of 1 to the speed of light how excited are you to join Legends as a series regular?

I am very very very excited. The famed “triple-very”. 

You have worked on a Greg Berlanti show before, What’s it like to be back?

Yes. I worked on Eli Stone, which also included Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. And one of my all-time favorites, Victor Garber. So it feels like a homecoming to be on Legends.

We heard your son is a fan. How excited is he?

He’s also very excited. He can’t wait for the season to start. He’s also a Flash fan, so he’ll get a double whammy. 

How would you describe Season 2 of Legends in five words?

Chaotic. I don’t know enough about it yet to go any further. But there will be chaos.

What other DC character (or actor) are you most excited to work with on Legends? 

Arthur Darvill is a favorite. He’s a lovely guy and we’re big Dr. Who fans. (laughs).

Personally (as Matt), do you think that the Waverider crew stand a chance against of the Legion of Doom?

I think they have a shot.  A small one. But they’ve been known to squeeze out of some tough jams before.

Our website is called Talk Nerdy With Us, so what do you nerd out over?

Legos. We have literally billions in our home. (laughs). And Scrabble. I’m an anagramming beast.

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