Exclusive! TNWU Explores Preacher, Nature and the Universe with Sarah Minnich

Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce
Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce

Talk Nerdy With Us recently had the great pleasure of talking with the multi-talented Sarah Minnich. Sarah not only acts, writes, and produces in various media, she gardens, plays with lizards, snakes and other reptiles; she has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of New Mexico, and one day hopes to earn her Ph.D. in Quantum Physics.

Sarah was seen most recently on AMC’s hit series, Preacher, based on the comic book by Greg Ennis and Steve Dillion and produced by Seth Rogen and a team of talented professionals who are passionate about the comic. Sarah says this makes for a unique filming experience. “They have an absolute buy-in to what they are making. It’s people who are really interested in the comic.” She says, “It was an amazing group of people to work with. Talented professionals, people who are really gung-ho.” Sarah plays Sindy, one of the Toadvine (the local cathouse) girls. Sarah can’t give away too much about her role, but she did say, “The Toadvine Girls, and I play one of the Toadvine girls, Sindy, – are very important; Toadvine is important to the story. I would recommend that viewers and Talk Nerdy keep an eye on us Toadville girls because they play a role down the line.”

Sarah’s other TV credits include EPIX’s “Graves”, WGN America’s “Manhattan” and ABC’s “Killer Women”, as well as roles on USA’s “In Plain Sight” and “Breaking Bad”. Additionally, Sarah has had a recurring role on A&E’s “Longmire.” She also has a recurring role on another AMC series, “Better Call Saul” as Brenda.

Sarah is active in film as well, with five projects currently in post-production. She will be seen at the end of July in the science fiction movie, “The Space Between Us.” Sarah is very excited about this film.“This is about the human condition, living on Mars. The film proposes that this group of scientists go to Mars with the idea of testing the environment for habitation. What ends up happening (and this is all in the trailer so I’m not giving anything away) is on this long trip to Mars they find out the lead scientist, the woman, is pregnant. And they are thrown by this. But they see it as an opportunity to see how the human body will develop on Martian soil. So the film follows the story of this kid who grows up as a Martian and eventually is taken back to earth and has to reconnect with his ancestral land.”


Music also is an important aspect of Sarah’s life. She has appeared in music videos, including “Cloud Nine” by Stem Ivory. “Something about music really resonates with me as a form of expressing emotion. Whatever you’re feeling music helps you work through that emotion, heighten it or dampen it, depending on what you are looking for. What I love about the couple of music videos that I’ve done – in the most recent one I’ve done I play this lost woman and she is just losing it all throughout the music video. I love playing social deviants, or what people see as crazy and I think it’s because it sanctions acting out, and I think everyone needs to act out at some point in their life (laughs). And as an actor, and in some music videos, it’s sanctioned. You can do that.”

Whatever medium she uses, Sarah’s goal is to have an impact on people’s lives through the performance of “complex human emotion and struggle.” Sarah’s area of concentration for her B.A. was interpersonal communication, and she hopes to one day be able to influence people and have the opportunity to pass along the knowledge that she has gained from her own struggles and past decisions, specifically to young women. Says Sarah, “I’m on a journey to developing a completely loving relationship with myself, where I accept me. I think everyone is on that journey. To achieve a sort of acceptance of self.”

A California native, Sarah was raised by incredibly active parents who taught her how to take care of herself and the value of spending time in nature. Sarah’s father has a massive nursery in California where he raises cactus and other succulents. “I grew up on this acre of land, with five greenhouses, where I was able to learn from the greenhouses. I played with turtles and snakes and lizards, and played in the dirt. That was how I grew up, that was the love of my life, interacting with nature, working with plants. So now as an adult I am very fortunate to work with my father on a pretty regular basis, when I’m not acting. I go up to my dad’s nursery and I work with him. I work with the plants and I work with the reptiles and that’s so important for me to be in nature, to be interacting with plants and animals.”

When asked if she had any nerdy hobbies, she cites her interest in science, nature and “playing in the dirt.” Sarah is also an avid reader. She supports causes such as addiction recovery, healthy living, conservation, and human and animal rights. Her other hobbies, besides spending time in nature, reading, and writing, include traveling and yoga.

Sarah Minnich is a bright, passionate young woman whose star is on the rise. She speaks enthusiastically of her acting experiences, her co-stars, and her directors. Her vibrant personality shines through in her performances and in conversation. Keep your eyes on the skies – and on AMC’s Preacher – and you will be sure to find Sarah there.

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