BrainDead Episode 6: RomCom Horror Movie


Only on BrainDead will an episode start out with the song lyrics “I hope her head doesn’t explode.” That was then followed by a scene I’m still not sure if I dreamed or not. That being the most awkward drunk dance party/sex scene I’ve laid eyes on. Every piece of that, from Laurel bursting into song, to Rochelle and Gustav singing backup, to Gareth just going along with it, was extremely random, but also well done.

The entire episode was a mixture of semi-romantic asides and what appeared to be horror movie tropes bordering on parody. However, those tropes did a lot to advance the plot. We now know that the bugs are from outer space. They are obsessed with the Cars song because it sounds like outer space. The bugs can communicate directly with people, as Stacy did with Laurel when admitting that the real Stacy was no longer “in there.” Then, there’s the fact that Red Wheatus is apparently gerrymandering districts into crop circles.

I think the closing line of this episode, “huh,” pretty much sums up where we’re at, at this point in the season.

As ridiculous as the plot is, I have to say I am really enjoying the inventiveness of the various ways the writers are combining politics with alien invasion. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously, and at the same time manages to raise the stakes. I’m anxious to see what will happen next, but I’m enjoying getting there.

The show has fallen into a steady rhythm. Its characters have been established and play predictable, but generally funny, parts in each episode. Now, the show just has to maintain what makes it strong, while also building up to the season finale.

The important takeaway for viewers to remember in the coming episodes is, as Rochelle said, “there is a chance Gustav is right.”

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