Cinemáx Premieres New Original Series “Motel”

Cinemáx announced today that it will premiere its new original series, Motel, on August 18, 2016, at 10 PM EDT. This is particularly exciting because the 6-episode Brazilian series will be the first original Latino series on the premium network!

The series will utilize a variety of cinematic styles, all within the context of the sensual, erotic, mysterious, and perverse activities that occur in one motel, Divine Sin. Each episode of Motel takes place in a different room of Divine Sin and portrays a different genre – suspense, comedy, horror, romance, drama, and police procedural – each with new characters, a new story, and a new angle from which we can peek inside the amorous walls of Divine Sin. Don’t have time to catch the premiere on August 18?  No worries, you can also catch episodes on MAX GO.

You can see the trailer for Motel here and keep reading for the tantalizing synopses of the episodes…

#01 “Zoraide”

Otavio and his escort are given room no. 13, which is said to be haunted. Once there, however, he falls in love with Zoraide, who has been unable to leave the room since her murder there in the 1970s.  Premiere date August 18.

#02 “Alfredo’s Women”

Janete, a woman who swings both ways, arranges for a threesome with her two lovers. But the situation gets out of control when the two lovers recognize one another. Premiere date August 25.

#03 “The First Time”

On his wedding night, a shy and religious virgin discovers that his new wife is more sexually experienced than he thought. Premiere date September 1.

#04 “Lilith”

A couple decides to spice up their marriage with a night at a motel, but a disagreement awakens a spirit who possesses the wife and gives her husband much more than he bargained for. Premiere date September 8.

#05 “Ophelia from Room 3”

Deeply depressed, Ophelia goes to the motel where she and her husband spent their first night together to commit suicide. But when she orders room service, the delivery boy interferes with her plan. Premiere date September 15.

#06 “Pure Lust”

When a respected lawyer, who frequents a dominatrix at motel Divine Sin, is found dead, the police decide to reconstruct the last moments of his life to find out who killed him. Premiere date September 22.


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