Indie Electro-Pop Vocalist GIIA Releases Second Track, “Fade to Grey”

After making a breakthrough entrance into the electronic music world with her exciting debut single, “Burning Game” produced by MEMBA (a neo-tribal, anti-dance music, world influenced experience of rhythm), vocalist and indie electro-pop artist GIIA has been turning heads and attracting the attention of music blogs worldwide. Today, GIIA is partnering with All Things Go Music for the exclusive premiere of a new track titled, “Fade to Grey” featuring a dissonant, dark synth-based production courtesy of MEMBA. All Things Go states “GIIA’s voice soars with unbelievable range, from her deep, honeyed verses to her breathy-into-belting chorus.” An avid yogi and spiritualist, GIIA was inspired to write “Fade to Grey” from the image of Mother Nature and her “fading to grey from the harm we have done.”

Here is what the artist had to say about the track:

Fade To Grey’ came about during an impromptu session. At the time, my biggest inspiration was Flume’s new album, specifically the song with Little Dragon. I have always been captivated by her melodies/phrasing and Flume’s big synthy sound. The song is about Mother Nature and is written from her perspective. I had an image of Mother Nature literally fading to grey from all the harm we have done to her earth. I love the song because it really showcases all the ranges of my voice and has a big cinematic feel!


Under the alias of GIIA, vocalist Emmy Giarrusso presents soulful atmospheric electronic music inspired by many musical genres. Growing up in Boston, GIIA began singing at a very young age, launched by her early vocal training in opera. Her vocal range is complex, and GIIA has recorded covers of rock songs, Broadway classics (her version of “Belle” from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” is showstopping), as well as opera. Visit her website for examples.

Not since this reviewer first discovered Kate Bush has she discovered a female artist with the same level of vocal complexity. GIIA later attended Berklee College of Music to study contemporary voice. After moving to NYC, GIIA began writing top lines for local producers and was inspired to create music of her own. Her debut feature track, “One” produced by MEMBA, was released in June 2016 and has been featured on AXS, This Song Slaps, Run the Trap, and Dancing Astronaut’s’ Top Trending Chart. GIIA is now releasing a slew of her own tracks, starting with “Burning Game” and “Fade to Grey,” ready to
break into the electronic music scene with an intimate blend of electronic and trap with big ethereal vocals complemented with touches of her operatic style.


Follow GIIA online for new music, videos, and more at:

Instagram: @hellogiia
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