Talk in the Fast Lane: My Gilmore Girl Wish List

012bca83-2b06-4fd2-9930-6119ca406ecd.gilmoregirlsAs you know, Amy Sherman-Palladino is blessing us with a Gilmore Girls revival, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows. Watching it feels like coming home to me. Watching it gives me great comfort, and so I am super pumped for these 90-minute episodes. However, I do have a wish list for the revival which I have decided to share, seeing as it premiers before Christmas and I won’t be able to send it to Santa.

1. Rory and Jess

Let’s be real, this is the only logical pairing for the youngest Gilmore. Straight ships aren’t usually my thing, but Jess and Rory? Please, and thank you. Jess was the only one who truly loved Rory and knew her better than Lorelai knows her coffee. If this is the only thing that I get in the revival from my wish list, I’ll be happy.

2. Lorelai and Dean

I need Lorelai to realize how awful Dean was as a boyfriend and human being. Lorelai was so in tune with Rory and knew everything about her, but couldn’t realize that Dean was (borderline) emotionally abusive? He was the whiniest, most self-serving character to ever exist (that could be hyperbolic, but lemme have it). Rory deserved so much better, and it actually angers me that Lorelai was ok with the way Dean treated Rory. Let’s maybe address this eh?

3. Stop the Queer-Coding

Michel is obviously gay. They never said it in the show, though, but let’s be real, his queer-coding is off the charts. So how about we just push that “boundary” just a lil’ bit and have him come out as the proud gay man he is. Also Taylor Doose. They can get married and have amazing arguments. Make it happen.

4. Diversification

I love Gilmore Girls. It’s my happy place. But I can see its flaws. Gilmore Girls is probably my first problematic fave, and honestly, this show needs to diversify. It’s very white. The only minorities featured are Michel, Lane, Ms. Kim, Gypsy (which is the character’s name, but a slur so not cool), and I can’t think of any others? There are no disable characters, gay characters, non-binary characters, trans characters. I’m just saying that everyone deserves to be represented in the media, and I know Gilmore Girls came out in the early 2000s when diversity wasn’t a real thing in the media, but we’re in 2016 now so let’s see some different types of people.

5. Christopher

I just don’t want to see his face. When he was first introduced in the first season he was a great dude! He cared for and loved Lorelai and Rory. He supported them both but knew his place. He had been pretty absent from Rory’s life but knew that he couldn’t come in and just start making a place for himself. But then season 6 rolled around and everything seemed to dissolve for him character wise. So I beg, please only have him in the revival for five minutes. That’s his quota filled. Cool.

6. Paris and Jess

I need these two to be friends. Their friendship chemistry is just so good not to be explored. Just imagine it: Jess breaks his arm while trying to ride a motorbike; he’s rushed to the hospital. Who is working the ER? Doctor Paris Geller of course. They bond over their love for Rory and relive their first meeting and become friends. The best of friends. Just try and imagine it. Amazing.


This is my wish list for the Gilmore Girls revival. Agree? Disagree? Tweet me anytime you want to discuss the Gilmore Girls because I am always down. I’m ready to be welcomed home, November 25th can’t come soon enough.

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