Talk Nerdy With Us August Superlatives

Most Badass Character: Stranger Things



She’s only a little girl, but she is one of the most badass characters to ever grace our screens.  Channeling a little of Stephen King’s Carrie, Eleven has psychokinetic gifts.  Flipping a van with her mind?  No problem.  She’s so badass that she is the only one who can save the town of Hawkins from the monster that has been terrorizing it.

Best Dressed: Fear The Walking Dead

Victor Strand


He was very well dressed when we first met him in season 1, and things haven’t yet changed.  For being in a zombie apocalypse and constantly having to fear for his life, Victor Strand still manages to be very fashion-conscious.  So kudos to you, Strand…keep up the good fashion!

Most Emotional Scene: Scream

Zoe’s Death

Noah Episode 210

This week’s episode of Scream was packed with emotions, both good and bad.  After being kidnapped and buried alive, it is Noah’s hallucination of Zoe that gets him through the ordeal.  But this makes Zoe’s death that much harder to bear, because the entire time Noah believes that she’s alive and that he’ll be able to save her, but he’s too late.

Most Heartbreaking Moment: The Fosters

Brandon gets caught

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After needing some extra cash to support his girlfriend, Brandon decided that his only option was taking the SAT for somebody else in exchange for payment.  It seemed like he was going to get away from it, and things were going well.  He got into Julliard, his dream school.  But things were ruined when the principal called his father and the truth of what Brandon had done was revealed, destroying his dream of attending Julliard.

Most Heartfelt Reunion: Stranger Things

Will reunites with his friends


After being captured by the monster in the very first episode, Will spends the rest of the season in the Upside Down.  His friends go on a desperate mission to find him.  In a Goonie-esque style of journey, they run from the authorities, recruit the help of  a strange girl that they stumble upon in the woods, and fight against things that are much larger and more terrifying than they are.  Their fight is worth it, however, when Will is finally rescued from the Upside Down and reunited with his friends in the hospital.

Best Buddy Moment: Stranger Things

El Comes to the rescue


Having a friend who has psychokinetic abilities is pretty cool, especially when you are getting picked on by bullies.  After discovering Will’s body in the quarry and the subsequent emotional outburst from Mike, Eleven is MIA, but she makes a sudden reappearance just as Mike is being picked on.  She saves him from falling to his likely death and even breaks one of the bullies arms.  Friendship quickly mended.

Best Plot-twist: Fear The Walking Dead

Possible immunity?


Anyone who watches The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, or basically any zombie TV show or movie knows that a bite from one of the undead means certain death.  But fans were thrown for a loop in “Los Muertos,” when it was revealed that Alejandro, the pharmacist at La Colonia, survived a bite.  If he is immune, how many more people are immune, and could this immunity lead to a possible cure?

Most Shocking: Scream

Piper’s Accomplice is Revealed


Season 2 of Scream has been chock-full of death, and the Lakewood Six, which was reduced to the Lakewood Five after Jake’s death, have been tormented by the killer.  They managed to escape the grasp of Piper in season 1, whose reveal as the killer was a shocker, but not even that compares to the shocking reveal of the killer in season 2.  Kieran.  Yes, you read that right.  Kieran, Emma’s boyfriend and supporter is the one who has blood on his hands and is responsible for the trauma that the town has been through.

Most Terrifying Scene: Fear The Walking Dead

It’s Raining Men…Or, erm, the infected


As if the zombie apocalypse wasn’t already terrifying enough, Alicia found herself in an even more terrifying scenario when the infected started falling from the balconies of the hotel that she is exploring.  With her mother and Strand in the bar below, and unfortunately the ones drawing the attention of the walkers, and Ofelia MIA, Alicia finds herself completely alone.

Performer of the Month: Fear The Walking Dead

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark


There are a lot of actors who could easily take the spot as Performer of the Month, but after Nick’s standalone episode in the midseason premiere of Fear The Walking Dead, Frank Dillane earned the title.  The episode was carried entirely by him, and Dillane offered a spectacular performance of a young man who goes from thriving to on the verge of death, struggling with his past and struggling to adapt to the world around him.

That’s it for this month! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add! We will see you in two weeks with more Talk Nerdy With Us TV Superlative Awards! 

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