Where Are They Now: The “Boy Meets World” Edition

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In the 1990s, ABC’s Boy Meets World reigned supreme, drawing in millions upon millions of viewers over the course of its seven-season run. Created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, the show was a quintessential coming-of-age story, following Cory Matthews, his true love Topanga and his best friend Shawn from middle school through college. In addition to being one of the wittiest and entertaining shows at the time, it also introduced viewers to a legion of young talent, including Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Trina McGee. Altogether, it contained all the ingredients needed to cook up a cult classic—and that’s exactly what happened. Even now, it has maintained an ever-present fan following, thanks in part to its spin-off Girl Meets World, which has introduced many members of the original cast and, in turn, the original show, to a new generation.

As such, it seems imperative to investigate what exactly the original cast has been up to since Boy Meets World ended in 2000. While we know some of them have made appearances on Girl Meets World, there’s still a lot of space in between that remains a mystery—until now! So, without further ado, let’s check up on some of our favorite cast members, shall we?


Ben Savage (Cory Matthews)

ben savage

After making a name for himself by playing the adorable Cory Matthews on Boy Meets World, Ben Savage went on to guest star on several different television shows, including Still Standing, Phil of the Future, Chuck, Without a Trace, Bones and Criminal Minds. He also starred in the films Swimming Upstream, Car Babes, Girl Meets Boy and The Caterpillar’s Kimono. He has since resumed his role as Cory Matthews on the new hit show Girl Meets World.

Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence)

danielle fishel

Did you know that Danielle Fishel was only supposed to be on Boy Meets World as Topanga for a few episodes, but she brought such a spark to the show that they made her a series regular? Since then, Fishel—who is an actress, author, chef and television personality—has starred in several movies, such as Longshot, National Lampoon Presents Dorm Daze, National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2, The Chosen One and Boiling Pot. She also guest-starred on the shows Nikki, The Nightmare Room, Yes Dear and Gravity Falls. In 2014, she reprised her role as Topanga Lawrence-Matthews alongside co-star and longtime friend Ben Savage.

Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter)

rider strong

During Boy Meets World’s last season, Rider Strong—who played Cory’s hunky best friend, Shawn Hunter—scored a recurring role on Roughnecks: The Starship Trooper’s Chronicles, splitting his attention between the two shows. From there, Strong began to score roles on both the big and small screen. Some of the films in which he starred are Buck Naked Arson, Cabin Fever, Death Valley, Paradise, Texas, Borderland, Cosmic Radio, Spy School, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, The Penthouse, Darkening Sky and Too Late. In addition, he made appearances in the shows Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Kim Possible, Pepper Dennis, Bones, Castle and Star vs. The Forces of Evil. Like Savage and Fishel, he has recently reprised his role as Shawn Hunter on Girl Meets World.

Will Friedle (Eric Matthews)

will friedle

Since playing Cory’s dumb yet creative older brother Eric on Boy Meets World, Will Friedle has become a fixture in the voice-acting arena. His credits include the shows Batman Beyond, Justice League, Lilo & Stitch, Kim Possible, The Secret Saturdays, Sym-Bionic Titan, Thundercats, Winx Club: Beyond Believix, MAD, Green Arrow, Transformers: Robots in Disguise and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. He also guest-starred on 3rd Rock from the Sun, Go Fish, The Random Years and Critical Role. Like many of his costars, he has since returned to the role of Eric Matthews for the show Girl Meets World.

William Daniels (Mr. Feeny)

William Daniels reads Feeny's best quotes

Before playing Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, William Daniels had already established himself as a talented, once-in-a-lifetime actor through The Graduate (1967), Knight Rider (1982) and St. Elsewhere (1982). When Boy Meets World ended, Daniels landed many guest spots on several shows, including Scrubs, Touched by an Angel, The Lyon’s Den, The Simpsons, The Closer, Boston Legal and Grey’s Anatomy. He has also reprised his role as Mr. Feeny for Girl Meets World, although his appearances on that show have been sporadic.

Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews)

betsy randle

Before scoring the role of Amy Matthews in Boy Meets World, Betsy Randle was best known for playing Karen Kelly on Home Improvement. Her credits since Boy Meets World ended have been sparse; she starred in the films Urban Mythology and The Beat and made appearances in the shows The Nightmare Room, Charmed, Adam Ruins Everything and, most recently, Girl Meets World. Fans can expect to see her in the upcoming film Dirty 30 in which she will play Todd (Andrew Ridings)’s mom.

William Russ (Alan Matthews)

william russ

Although he is still best known for playing Alan Matthews in Boy Meets World, William Russ has been involved in a plethora of projects over the years. He starred in the films The Unholy, Disorganized Crime, Traces of Red, American History X, Gary’s Walk, A Fork in the Road and Green Guys as well as the made-for-TV movies Rehearsal for Murder, The Long Hot Summer, Houston: The Legend of Texas, Blood & Orchids, Trail of Tears, Have You Seen My Son, A Secret Life and Silver Lake. In addition, he guest-starred on the shows Ally McBeal, Touched by an Angel, The Division, Crossing Jordan, Dragnet, Deadwood, JAG, NYPD Blue, Without a Trace, Boston Legal, The Sopranos, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Cold Case, 90210, Leverage, Criminal Minds, Awake and Scandal. He recently made an appearance on Girl Meets World as Alan Matthews.

Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter)

matthew lawrence

After playing Jack Hunter for three seasons on Boy Meets World, Matthew Lawrence went on to land parts in the films Glow, Cheats, The Hot Chick, The Comebacks, Trucker, Creature of Darkness, Fort McCoy, Of Silence, The Dog Who Saved Easter and Evol: The Theory of Love. He also guest-starred on CSI: Miami, Boston Public, Melissa & Joey, Workaholics and, most recently, Girl Meets World. Fans can expect to see him in the upcoming film Kurt.

Maitland Ward (Rachel McGuire)

maitland ward

Before joining the cast of Boy Meets World at the beginning of the show’s sixth season, Maitland Ward was best known for her roles in the shows The Bold and the Beautiful, USA High and Home Improvement. When Boy Meets World ended, Ward went on to star in the films A Bold Affair, Dish Dogs and White Chicks. She also guest-starred on the shows Boston Public, Out of Practice and Rules of Engagement. Fans can expect to see her in the upcoming project A Perfect Chaos.

Trina McGee (Angela Moore)

trina mcgee

Trina McGee joined the cast in 1997 as the character Angela Moore and became a near-instant fan favorite. After the show ended, McGee went on to guest star on the shows So Little Time, The Hughleys, All of Us and Girl Meets World. She also starred in the films Friday After Next, Business Class, Da Booty Shop and Sins of the Guilty. Fans can expect to see her in the upcoming project LAPD African Cops.

Lily Nicksay (Morgan Matthews)

lily nicksay

Lily Nicksay played the littlest Matthews for the show’s first two seasons before she was replaced by Lindsay Ridgeway. Afterwards, she began to expand her acting horizons, scoring roles in the films The Negotiator and The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and guest-starring on the shows Judging Amy, The Guardian, 8 Simple Rules, The Mentalist and, more recently, Girl Meets World. Fans can expect to see her in the upcoming projects Killing Animals and Age of the Moon.

Lindsay Ridgeway (Morgan Matthews)

lindsay ridgeway

Lindsay Ridgeway played Morgan Matthews starting in 1996 and remained on the show until series’ end. In the years after, her acting credits have been slim; she guest-starred on Totally Spies and is slated to appear on Girl Meets World next year but has no acting projects on the horizon.

Anthony Tyler Quinn (Jonathon Turner)

anthony tyler quinn

Last but not least, we have Anthony Tyler Quinn, who played the very hunky Jonathon Turner. He stayed on the show until 1997, and from there scored recurring roles on Ask Harriet, Melrose Place, Party of Five, Caroline in the City and Days of Our Lives. He also landed parts in the films Smuggler’s Ransom, No Greater Love, A Christmas Snow, The New Republic and Greyscale. He recently appeared on Girl Meets World and is slated to be appearing in more episodes in the future.

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