New Paranormal YA SWITCH Lands in December

Stjepan Sejic, the bestselling Amazon creator of SUNSTONE, returns to give us SWITCH, a paranormal YA series that, interestingly enough, got its start on DeviantArt before going to print.

SWITCH Vol 1 will collect issues 1-7, and centers around a teen girl with typical teen problems–until she finds an ancient artifact that has strange powers.

SWITCH is a “witty reimagining of the classic WITCHBLADE, but skewed for a teen audience.” The girl must learn to survive the already-treacherous high school life with the added strain of dealing with the haunted artifact. SWITCH is written in such a way that readers don’t have to be fans of the original WITCHBLADE series, though it still contains some Easter eggs and cameos from other characters in the WITCHBLADE universe.

SWITCH Vol 1 trade paperback will arrive in comic book stores Wednesday, December 21st (right in time for Christmas!) and bookstores December 27 (not quite in time for Christmas…but close enough for an “I-had-to-wait-for-this-book-that-I-knew-you-would-love” gift).

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