Red-Hot Dance Pop Artist Odette/Odile Releases Their New Single “Glow”

Electro-pop duo Odette/Odile are proud to unveil their latest dance-pop jam! “Glow” is an uptempo power pop track about never losing sight of your dreams.

“It’s about looking for that thing that makes life special for you and taking risks!” Notes the artist.

In addition to the blissfully uplifting energy, the track draws influence from the Japanese J-Pop scene – a key element of this duo’s sound. Odette/Odile take their name not just from the Tchaikovsky ballet classic, but also from the 1981 TOEI Animation version of Swan Lake. Ashlie and Keith Burgun make up this very talented dance-pop duo. Ashlie, also known as Odette, sings and writes lyrics while Keith (codename GHOST LORD) composes and arranges the music.

Due to the fact that they derive much of their sound from Japanese culture and gaming, Odette/Odile was commissioned in 2010 to write the theme song for the Anime Boston Convention opening ceremony, resulting in “Hachimitsu,” Japanese for “Honey.” Comprised of producer Keith, a game designer, and vocalist Ashlie, a visual artist, Odette/Odile often design anime-style comics and characters which represent their music.

The duo strives to highlight the two sides of a person. Odette is the silly and fun part of us that just wants to be happy.  While Odile is the necessary opposite, the part that makes us push for what we want and not give in.

We hope that our songs convey a bittersweet nostalgia, like when you have a nice memory of childhood just before remembering how tough growing up was.

Passionate advocates of “nerd culture,” Odette/Odile hope to invoke childhood nostalgia for the comic-book loving, game-enthusiasts of the world while still incorporating electronic pop sensibility in their writing. Be one of the first to listen to “Glow” below!


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