Review: Amazon Original Series The Kicks

The Kicks is an Amazon original comedy that revolves around young soccer player, Devin Burke (Sixx Orange), and her struggles to join a new team when her family relocates from the East Coast to the West Coast – LA to be exact.  Devin has the lofty goal of eventually making the USA Women’s Olympic soccer team in the future.  The story is based on the best-selling books by USA soccer star Alex Morgan, who also consulted on the TV show.

Devin’s struggle to find herself a winning team – should she play club soccer, stick with her Kentville Middle School team or both?  As well as adjusting to a new town and new friends is the main plot point of the ten episodes that make up season one.  Don’t think for a minute that the buck, or the show stops here, though!

The Kicks also gives us insight to the other Burke family members and Devin’s new friends and teammates as well.  This is a show that is watchable by anyone in the family.  Everyone one will find a situation that they can relate to and watching the show together as a family could help parents bring up situations that their own children may be dealing with in a relatable way.

Sharon (Monica Lacy) and Tom Burke (Tim Martin Gleason) are your average upper-middle-class parents who are also trying to find their way in a new city, with new jobs and hopefully some new friends.  TNWU interviewed Monica recently and you can read what she had to say about the show, her colleagues, and parenting here.  Sharon and Tom struggle to find the right blend of support for both Devin and her brother Bailey, while still issuing punishments where necessary.  The Kicks does a great job of showing us how both sides feel when these punishments must be enforced.

There is some conflict and of course, there are sport rivalries, but at the heart of the show is the friendships that grow between Devin and her teammates – especially the difficult and defensive Mirabelle (Isabella Acres).  There are also some bittersweet interactions between Devin and her brother Bailey (Gabe Eggerling) who struggles to find his own place in the family.  In a time when it sometimes feels like film and TV producers are trying to outdo one another with violence and over the top theatrics, it is nice to know that there are still some shows that focus on the more relatable topics of friendship, sportsmanship, and family.

I would urge everyone to at least watch the first couple of episodes of The Kicks (at 25 minutes each, it’s not a lifetime investment) and then decide whether or not this family oriented show is something you and your family would enjoy.  I’ve got my money riding on the fact that you will fall in love with The Kicks just like I did.

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