Schmidt & Cece Made Me Cry

Over the years, I have watched a fair share of TV shows. According to Episode Calendar, anyway. Which means I have witnessed a lot (and I mean a lot) of marriage proposals. It doesn’t mean I’m getting tired of them. I’m not, I LOVE weddings, but it does mean I can kind of see them coming now. You just know when the writers are building up to it, so it gets really hard to surprise you.

That’s why we must talk about New Girl’s Schmidt and Cece.


See, at first, neither of them were hugely relevant for me as a viewer. He was just the annoying and neurotic flatmate, and she was just the hot and badass model that was nothing like our beloved and cheesy Jess Day. They didn’t really speak to me as a couple, either. The stereotypically hottest male and female of the show start by having a physical relationship, and even though Schmidt has no problem putting Cece on a pedestal; she just cannot admit she has actual feelings for him. Let’s face it; she’s ashamed of him because he’s, umm, quite special. It was just so typical to me. Until it wasn’t anymore.

If you are a normal person and haven’t spent the last two weeks binge-watching New Girl like crazy, you probably don’t remember what he told her the night they met. Schmidt being Schmidt (read: a bit of a cocky douchebag) started by saying, “Girl…” and she responded with, “Oh God, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?” to which he just said, “I’mma marry you.”

To be fair to Cece, it did sound like something stupid back then. It didn’t sound so stupid, though, when she showed up at his door after finding out that he was single again – and after he found out Cece was still in love with him. I was expecting a kiss, The (oh-so-anticipated) kiss, but what I wasn’t expecting was what happened afterwards. When Schmidt started giving a speech about what he was doing looking impulsive or irrational, I knew I was lost. I didn’t see it coming at all. When Cece said, “Oh God, you’re about to say something stupid, aren’t you?” I literally had to pause the episode because I was drowning in tears of happiness. “Girl… will you marry me?”


Swoon. As Jess said, we are getting married!!!! And I could not possibly be any more excited to continue watching season five. All the happiness to my new favorite love birds.

Are you a fan of New Girl? If so, are you more of a Schmidt girl or a Nick girl? Or maybe you’re into Winston? Or even Coach? Let me know in the comments below!

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