Conor Oberst Releases New Album, “Ruminations”

Throughout his prolific career, singer-songwriter Conor Oberst has been known for his raw, personal lyricism. It was what endeared bands such as Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos, and Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band to fans the world over. With a discography as lengthy and wide-reaching as his, it’s no surprise that a break this last winter caused by a health scare led to one of his most personal albums, to date, Ruminations.

“I wasn’t expecting to write a record,” said Oberst. “I honestly wasn’t expecting to do much of anything. Winter in Omaha can have a paralyzing effect on a person, but in this case, it worked in my favor. I was just staying up late every night playing piano and watching the snow pile up outside the window. Next thing I knew I had burned through all the firewood in the garage and had more than enough songs for a record. I recorded them quick to get them down, but then it just felt right to leave them alone.”

Released October 14, Ruminations has garnered acclaim thus far from Newsday, American Songwriter, and Rolling Stone. “Oberst’s distinctive warble is set against a spare patchwork of acoustic guitar, piano, and the occasional harmonica, drawing most of the attention squarely to his words,” NPR said of the album.

Ruminations is available online now and to stream over at NPR.

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