Dreamshade Announces Their Return with a New Record

Since 2006 when they formed, this European rock/metalcore Swiss band has rolled across the music scene in Europe. During that time, they released two full-length records What Silence Hides, The Gift of Life and one EP, To the Edge of Reality.  Dreamshade has now returned with a more polished and melodic sound and are determined to make a name for themselves in the active rock scene.

Since their inception, the quintet, featuring Kevin Calì – vocals, Fernando “Fella” Di Cicco – guitar, Rocco Ghielmini – guitar, Gian-Andrea Costa – bass and Serafino “Sera” Chiommino – drums, have steadily released new music that has allowed them to tour the world. Their 2008 EP quickly gained much well-deserved attention, and landed the band on the roster of some of the most popular European music festivals, such as Metal Camp Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air, and Metalfest.

Dreamshade’s constant touring and dedicated fan base soon caught the attention of Spinefarm Records/Universal Music, who signed them in 2010. In 2011, the band went on to release their debut full-length, What Silence Hides. As they toured heavily on the new record, they also released music videos for “Wide Awake,” “Eternal,” and “Miles Away.” The new record fueled their ever-hectic touring schedule, which went on to include the Finnish Metal Expo, Germany’s Rock Hard Festival, the Czech Republic’s Basinfirefest, and Bulgaria’s Kavarna Rock Fest.

Their second full-length record, The Gift of Life, was produced by the band along with Jacob Hansen, and released in January 2013. After this release, the band went on to tour the US, Europe, and Asia, all the while maintaining the gargantuan European fan base that had brought them to the forefront of the genre.

Dreamshade now returns with a brand new record, Vibrant. In what is being heralded to be their seminal work, the band reflects upon relationships of all kinds. Dreamshade recognizes the effects that familial relationships, romantic relationships, and long-lasting friendships have upon one’s life. Recognizing that as those relationships shift, people can either choose to gain strength or weaken, the new record is a call to learn and grow from inevitable change.

Vibrant will be released via Artery Recordings on December 9th of this year.


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