Exclusive Interview with Aftermath’s Madison Smith

Photo Credit: Farrah Aviva
Photo Credit: Farrah Aviva

This week’s episode of Aftermath on Syfy will introduce us to a face we haven’t seen before- Madison Smith. He plays a former army ranger and meets the Copeland family during their travels. He notes a strong connection toward one of the family members, setting us up for an exciting few episodes.

He’s only been in this industry for four years but has already built up quite the resume. He gravitates mostly toward comedic roles and looks up to Chris Pratt, because he has an ability to bring comedy into any genre. Smith feels connected to that and is excited to see what role he can embrace next.

How’d you get started in this industry? How long have you been acting?

I started acting a little over four years ago. I booked my first gig because a friend told me Lifetime was looking for actors who looked similar to The Flash’s Grant Gustin in their Kelowna, British Columbia filmed (where I’m from) “A Mothers Nightmare.” I sent in my headshot and got a reply back almost immediately saying the part had been cast. But about 30 minutes later, I received another email stating I looked closer to what they were looking for and asking me to put a scene on tape. So, I taped the scene, sent it in and booked my first role by the end of the day.

I’d love to one day meet Grant Gustin and tell him thank you. To a point, he single-handedly began my career as an actor.

Who or what inspires you in this industry?

I’m always inspired by collaboration. Between myself and another actor or maybe the director. I love when I come together with someone else with ideas for a scene or character I play. As soon as all the ideas are put together, you feel you’ve put something out there that is real and fun.

Your character in Aftermath pops up this week. Can you tell me a little bit about him?

My character is Martin Winters, and he is a former Army Ranger. He is strong, heroic and a good guy. When he meets up with the Copeland family, without giving too much away, Martin has a pretty immediate connection with one of the members of the family that will dictate his path from that moment on.

Which characters will he work most closely with? Will he have any issues with them?

I’m happy to say Martin joins the entire Copeland family for their journey through this apocalypse. There are high tensions at times, but he is accepted into the group.

Tell us about your audition process for Aftermath?

I had actually auditioned for the role of Matt Copeland, so I was already excited about the show and had an idea about the overall tone. Auditioning for Martin was a blast because he is such a strong, capable character.

You have a mix of drama, horror, and comedy that you’ve been in. Do you have a favorite genre?

I love any type of genre I work on, but I try to find a little bit of comedy in projects I choose. I’ve always looked up to Chris Pratt and how he’s able to be funny in his action and drama movies.

If you could work alongside any actor (we’re guessing you’d choose Chris Pratt) or actress, who would it be, and what scene would you want to shoot?

I think it would have been amazing to shoot a scene with Robin Williams. That man was such a genius. Whether it was drama or comedy, he was always doing something new and creative. To have been able to watch such a master at work would have been a dream come true.

We know you’re a Bachelor fan! What were your thoughts on Nick becoming the newest one?

I was so pumped when I heard! I’ve been on team Nick since I saw him on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. Which is funny because I actually used to work with Kaitlyn and have met her fiancé, Sean, a couple of times. He is an extremely good guy, and the two are so good together. Regardless, I think Nick will make a great Bachelor. Can’t wait to watch.

And what did you think of this year’s Bachelor in Paradise? Who was your favorite couple?

I loved this past season of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise.” But to say I watch it for the couples is definitely not the truth. I watch for the crazy and the drama. I popped some popcorn every Monday and Tuesday and watched these people explode. Jen Saviano, who was on the show, avoided drama pretty well and she is now my dream girl. The fact Nick V. and Jen aren’t together anymore gives me a reason to watch Nick as the new Bachelor, and it means I still have a chance with her!

What projects are coming up next for you?

I just finished work on a Lifetime movie called “He Loves You Not.” It was a blast to work on. The small cast I was part of had so much fun together and our director Scott Belyea was a pleasure to collaborate with. I’m looking forward to people seeing it.

What things do you nerd out about?

I nerd out over all things superhero. I’m first in line at every superhero movie when they are released in theaters, and I just bought a Captain America backpack that is shaped like his shield. It makes me feel so nerdy and oh so cool at the same time. I love being nerdy.


Lightning round of Madison’s favorites: 

Video Game: UNCHARTED. Doesn’t matter which one. They all rule! Nathan Drake is my dream role.

Disney character: Flynn Ryder from TANGLED is the best by far.

Movie: THE DEPARTED and FIGHT CLUB are tied for number one. Oh but I just watched Ben Affleck’s new movie THE ACCOUNTANT. That is taking a creep pretty close to first place.

Sports Team (besides the Blue Jays): Seattle Seahawks. But my Mom is definitely a bigger fan than I am. I bought her a Seahawks onesie for Christmas this past year, and I don’t think she’s taken it off.

Superhero: Superman is my idol! He is a perfect metaphor for feeling alone in a world that is filled with people who love you. I could watch MAN OF STEEL (it’s so much more amazing than people give it credit for) over and over again.

Ice Cream flavor: Oreo!

Comedian: Aziz Ansari. He is hilarious. I consider him my generations Jerry Seinfeld.

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