Jay Larson Releases New Comedy Album “Human Math”

Jay Larson has followed up his debut album, ‘Self Diagnosed,’ with a brand new comedy album ‘Human Math.’  Jay’s new stand-up album was recorded live in Atlanta and features his masterful storytelling, life tips and a healthy dose of crowd work.

‘Human Math’ will be released on vinyl in the near future. In the meantime, head to iTunes to download your copy here!

Jay Larson is best known as a stand-up comedian with multiple appearances on The Late Late Show, four appearances on Conan and his own Half Hour Special on Comedy Central. Jay’s style is completely original, and his ability to connect with an audience through storytelling is unmatched. His “Wrong Number” story went viral after climbing to #1 on Reddit and was also featured on “This American Life” with Ira Glass claiming, “Perfect Comedy, Perfect Storytelling.” Jay’s storytelling has also been featured on Comedy Central’s “This is Not Happening” and can be heard every Toozdee on his wildly successful podcast “The CrabFeast.”

While stand-up is his first love, Jay wears many hats. He has a role in the highly-anticipated second season of “Twin Peaks” set to air on Showtime in 2017, he recently co-hosted two seasons of “Best Bars in America” and also made his movie debut in the critically acclaimed thriller “The Invitation.”

Jay can be found at @JayLarsoncomedy and jaylarsoncomedy.com

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