“L2M Pop Shop” Premieres on YouTube

Formed in 2016 for the LEGO Friends Movie “Girlz 4 Life,” all-girl pop group L2M have returned with a launch of a new Youtube series “L2M Pop Shop.”

As they attend “Pop Star Summer Camp,” the L2M girls — Mariangeli, McKenzie, Lexi, Tati, and Jenna — will learn the skills necessary that go into becoming a successful pop group. Each week, audiences will have the opportunity to see the girls progress as they participate in vocal training and dance lessons while also establishing their onstage presence. It all pays off when the group performs live for the first time in Los Angeles.

L2M formed earlier this year when the quintet met to work on their single “Girlz” for the 2016 LEGO Friends movie “Girlz for Life.” Over just a few months, the single garnered 8 million streams between YouTube and Spotify, which led to L2M signing to major record label Warner Brothers. Continuing to develop their success, the group recorded their second single “Incredible” in July, which was later featured in a commercial for Target’s kid-created Back to School campaign.

“L2M Pop Shop” premieres today, October 14th. The series will run over the course of seven weeks with a new episode being released every Thursday. Check out the first episode below.

For more information about L2M, please visit their website at L2Mofficial.com.

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