Once Upon a Time Roundtable on 6×05 “Street Rats”


Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

This week on Once, the writers delved into the story of Aladdin and Jasmine and what Aladdin’s appearance in Storybrooke means for Emma’s fate. Meanwhile, with the Charming family, Emma has finally revealed her secret, and David and Hook are keeping secrets of their own. Don’t they all know by now that secrets don’t stay secrets for long in Storybrooke? We talk about all this and more in our latest roundtable.


What were your overall thoughts on the episode?

Madeline: I really wanted to love it, but it was a bit slow for me.

Arlene: There were things I loved, and things I did not, but we’ll get to that.

Alexis: I thought it was a good episode. Good intro to Aladdin and Jasmine and I’m so glad that Emma’s secret is out. It was slow in some places but good overall.



After weeks of teasing, we finally get Aladdin and Jasmine. Did you like the way ONCE retold their story?

Madeline: I did like it! It’s been years since I watched the movie, but from what I can remember, they did a solid job on their characters. Karen David is perfect as Jasmine.

Arlene: Yes, very much at first, but no in the end.  I did get a big kick at all the references to the movie that there were. Is this all we’re going to see of them? Aside from my long standing man crush on Oded Fehr (please more Jafar), after months of teasing, I hope this isn’t all we’re going to get.

Alexis: I really liked the way their story was played out. I kind of wish that we could have seen Aladdin with his Savior powers more but the dynamic between him and Jasmine was solid in my opinion. Plus, it was great seeing Karen David as a princess again.



Aladdin was revealed to be the Savior of Agrabah, and with being a Savior, you’re responsible for the happy endings. Do you think Aladdin would have wanted that responsibility?

Madeline: From what I saw in the episode, I do not believe that he wanted the responsibility. He was merely a common thief and being the Savior is a tremendous responsibility. I just don’t think he was cut out for it. Brining back happy endings isn’t for everyone.

Arlene: Obviously he didn’t.  I’ll be honest – I didn’t like that at all. I like that he was tempted – but these are all supposed to be larger than life characters.  Aladdin as a coward is not in my books.

Alexis: I don’t think Aladdin expected to have that responsibility especially since he saw himself as just a great thief. I’m sure that he would have lived up to that potential and wanted to bring happy endings to everyone but it’s not an easy task and Emma can probably say the same.



The Evil Queen went through a lot of trouble to make sure Emma’s secret was exposed. What is just a way to create chaos between the Charming family? Or is there more to her plan?

Madeline: I was so mad about that. I was personally offended on behalf of Emma. It was a super shady thing to do, even for the Evil Queen. I wish I could say I knew what her motive was for that, but I can’t. I honestly have no idea. Knowing the Evil Queen, she just likes playing any games she can manipulate.

Arlene: I thought it was an excellent way to get that secret FINALLY out in the open. I think the Evil Queen thought it was going to make trouble, but that backfired.

Alexis: I was upset at first and then just super confused because the Evil Queen does want chaos but how does Emma’s potential to not be the Savior benefit her?



Snow and Emma had a great mother-daughter conversation about keeping secrets from their True Loves, but David is still keeping a huge secret from Snow. What is it with the Charmings and secrets?

Madeline: Oh secrets and lies…seems to be a common reoccurrence on the show. Let’s not forget the lie Charming was hiding in Neverland. They seem to have forgotten that. I believe that the Charmings have a lot of…I don’t want to say trust issues, but maybe trust issues. Eventually, they end up confessing, but there’s always a bit of a falling out. For example, when Snow and Charming kept the secret of filling Lily with darkness to ensure Emma’s goodness.

Arlene: I sure wish you would tell me.

Alexis: I feel everyone needs a lesson on how to communicate. Everyone has been keeping secrets not just now, but in the past and Charming should know that keeping secrets from Snow is never a good thing. Emma keeping her secret from Hook and her family was wrong…it just seems that she just needs to remember that it’s okay to bring down the walls and talk with the people who know you best. Charming will do the same….hopefully soon.



Jafar gave Aladdin the shears to get rid of his magic, and we know that Aladdin is alive and in Storybrooke. Should Aladdin have been so quick to trust Jafar even though he is a villain?

Madeline: I wouldn’t have touched those shears if my worst enemy gave me them. I don’t have any enemy, but hypothetically. Never trust a villain with pointy objects!

Arlene: I don’t think it was trust. Aladdin just didn’t want to be Savior, it seems.

Alexis: Jafar couldn’t use the shears on Aladdin, so I’m wondering if Aladdin did cut all ties with his magic where does that magic go? Was Jafar just playing him the whole time?



Scale of 1 to 10 what did you think of Aladdin and Jasmine’s reunion scene? And what does it mean for them now that Jasmine told Aladdin that Agrabah still needs his help?

Madeline: 10. Aw, they’re so cute! I ship it. Hmmm…they’re going to try to find a way to get back to Agrabah. Probably with the help of Emma, since she’s the Savior and all.

Arlene: 5. I was very disappointed in how this storyline played out. Jasmine was too arrogant, and Aladdin too cowardly.  I hope they fix it. We really need a big blue genie.

Alexis: I really liked Aladdin and Jasmine and how they were finally reunited in Storybrooke so I would give it a solid 10. I think that they will seek the help of our heroes to save Agrabah, but it seemed sudden that Jasmine would put all that responsibility on him again after just reuniting with him.



Another duo who got a great heart to heart in this episode was Emma and Henry. Emma told Henry that she doesn’t regret coming to Storybrooke with him. How do you think their relationship has evolved since season 1?

Madeline: In season 1, Emma was apprehensive of becoming a mother. Now I think she’s accepted the fact that she is one. I’m glad they discussed that because I had been waiting for that kind of conversation between those two.

Arlene: Their relationship has only grown stronger and more mature.

Alexis: I think Emma has come a long way since season 1 and part of her evolution is because she fully embraced and cherished being a mother to Henry. I believe that they had a great conversation about how being in Storybrooke has changed them both, and I’m glad it was in the episode.



Now let’s talk about that final scene where Emma said that she will pay the price of her magic and not use the shears. She gives the shears to Hook as a way to make up for her keeping her secret from him. Hook was supposed to get rid of them but doesn’t. Is Hook right for keeping them as a backup plan? Or should he have gotten rid of them when he had the chance? 

Madeline: I’ve been thinking about this since Sunday. My thoughts have been skewed. Ultimately, Hook kept them in case they didn’t find another way to save Emma. I understand where he’s coming from. Emma turned Hook dark against his wishes, and I think this scene paralleled that. Hook will do anything to ensure Emma gets her happy ending. This is a man who loves her, and he does not want to see her die. I get why he did it. I really, really do. So stop with the Hook-hating.

Arlene: I knew he wasn’t going to get rid of them. I knew it!

Alexis: I mean keeping secrets only makes things worse!! If anything him keeping the shears a secret only parallels what Emma did like Madeline stated. The shears may just be Emma’s last chance from dying if there is no third option. I think Hook’s intentions are right and he is keeping them because he doesn’t want the woman that he loves to die. It makes sense, just don’t keep it a secret.



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