Roundtable Discussion on Once Upon a Time 6×04 “Strange Case”


Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand
Photo Credit: ABC/Jack Rowand

Episode four was a game changer as Madeline, and I tackle the story of Jekyll and Hyde and what their fate means for Regina, if Rumple not changing his Dark One ways means that Belle has finally had enough? And will Jasmine ever find Aladdin in Storybrooke?


What were your overall thoughts on the episode? 

Madeline: Pretty solid I think. There were a lot of plot twists, which I always like. I loved that Hook was the one to defeat the villains and protect Belle. Talk about character development.

Alexis: The episode overall was pretty good. It made for a great set up for how the season is going to go with Regina’s situation. Now we can get started with Aladdin’s story since Jasmine is here.



We got to see Jekyll and Hyde’s backstory and how it was actually Jekyll who was the real monster. Did you like what we got or were you expecting something different? Like other untold stories, should they have been killed off so soon?

Madeline: If we’re being honest, I was super shocked. Like almost fell off my bed kind of shocked. It was a nice twist. I do think they were killed off fairly soon. I was expecting them to hang around until the winter finale. I kind of liked Hyde as a villain. Or whatever he ended up being.

Alexis: I was really surprised that they were gone so quickly. I thought there was more to learn from both characters so not seeing them in the next episode will be kind of weird. I wanted to know what Hyde’s plan was for the Untold Stories and Storybrooke but I guess we might never find out. Maybe it will come up again closer to the winter finale.



We found out that in order to kill an evil doppelgänger you have to kill the original. What does this mean for Regina?

Madeline: I so knew this was going to happen. I called it in May. Honestly, who knows what this means for Regina. I want to hope they wouldn’t kill off a main character, but with rumors circulating a major actor is leaving the show in February, I just don’t know.

Alexis: I wasn’t expecting that twist. That was why I was so surprised that we lost both Jekyll and Hyde. I think this will teach Regina that you can’t solve your problems with magic and you have to own up to all your past deeds, even if those deeds were evil. I doubt the show will actually kill off Regina, but I honestly don’t know how she will be able to be her whole self again.



Going back to school was a huge shock to Mary Margaret. How do you think she did for her first day? Also, Henry and Violet being all coupley?

Madeline: I’m glad she’s back to teaching. She didn’t start off too hot, but bringing in her bow and arrow sure did help! I don’t care for Henry and Violet, so it was a big shoulder shrug from me. Whoops…

Alexis: Snow teaching was probably one of my favorite parts in season one of Once, so I’m glad that she wants to continue and get back to “normal.” Overall, I think Snow is learning how to be a teacher as Snow White rather than Mary Margaret, but she did bring a bow and arrow for kids, so I hope she doesn’t get in trouble for that. As for Henry and Violet, I actually forgot about Violet, and when I saw her, I didn’t recognize her. With that said, it’s nice that Henry has a girlfriend because he is growing up. I just wish I knew what grade he was in.



Rumple says that he only wanted to protect Belle and their son, but in doing so, he took away Belle’s freedom to choose. Is Rumple just past the point of being redeemable?

Madeline: Oh, he is way past being redeemed. I hope Belle remains strong enough to resist him. Thankfully Hook showed up before Belle got hurt.

Alexis: I think Rumple is going to end up being the villain of all villains for the show because I have known since season one that Rumple could never be trusted. He is so past the point of redemption that I’m glad Belle has realized that she can’t change him and that if Rumple wants to be redeemed, he has to change for himself. I’m also glad that Belle is making friends with Hook because now she can branch into the Charming circle and not only be around Rumple.



Charming was such an overprotective dad in this episode (but it was really cute). Do you think David is going to take Emma up on her offer to visit anytime?

Madeline: Bahaha. I hope not. Emma and Hook deserve some alone time. He did give Emma his recipe for his pancakes so she could make them for Hook. He probably doesn’t want to walk in on them like Emma did to him and Snow. Still funny.

Alexis: Charming was so sweet when cooking Emma breakfast, but I hope he knows that privacy is needed especially if you’re the Savior.



We finally have Jasmine in our lives!! But she’s hiding the fact that she is a princess, and is trying to find Aladdin with the help of the Oracle. Do you think it was odd she didn’t just say that she was royalty to Snow? Is she going to ask for help from our heroes?

Madeline: I found that pretty shady, but I think she has her reasons. From the looks of it, I don’t believe she’s going to be asking the heroes for help. Then again, who knows?

Alexis: Karen David is a perfect Jasmine, and I loved how she ended up being a teachers aid for Snow. Her talking with the Oracle was kind of suspicious, but I know she is just trying to find Aladdin. I don’t think she will be asking for more help anytime soon, but it would certainly benefit her.


Next week the story of Aladdin is finally being told, but what does that mean for Emma?



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