Seasons After Offer Pre-Orders of Their New Album “Manifesto”

It is not too early to start your holiday shopping for those music lovers on your list!  Just in time, hard rock band Seasons After have begun taking pre-orders for their latest album Manifesto which will drop November 11, 2016!  The pre-order is available at Big Cartel, iTunes and Google Play. Seasons After is comprised of Tony Housh – vocals, Chris Dawson – guitar and James Beattie – guitar. The band premiered their single titled “Fighter” on Loudwire.

To say that the new Seasons After record Manifesto is an evolution would be a vast understatement.  This album is a brash declaration of the policies, goals, and opinions of a band which have weathered the storm of popular opinion and come back again with a vengeance.  By building on their phenomenal radio and social media success – with three Top 40 singles and over 3.5 million YouTube views – the band has grown, matured and developed their style from that of brash young men with a chip on their shoulder into a band with the power to communicate their ideals through a blistering array of songs that will satiate the tastes of both rock and metal music fans alike.

Guitarist Jimmy Beattie states:

This album was written with nothing but the truth in mind. It’s about the unspoken realities that a lot of us live with, and some of the hard truths we all face at one time or another. The idea is to let listeners know that they are not alone, and that someone understands. We can find each other in the dark.

This roller-coaster ride of a record will draw the listener further into their vision with every dynamic change.  Seasons After uses massive choruses and seductive hooks which when mixed with heart-wrenching melodies and shrieking, chugging, glass shattering brutality convey the true spirit and personality of the band.

Front-man Tony Housh adds:

This album is the culmination of everything we have learned both as a signed and independent band, and as individuals over the years. We all stepped into this commitment together years ago, and this truly has become our Manifesto.

Listeners can expect to experience a variety of emotions ranging from rage to bliss without getting any time to recover in between the tracks.  This band has regained the summit in a thunderous fashion with this record, and expanded and improved on their already vast catalog of songs.  The desperation and longing are translated into subtle melodies and crashing chords on this record.  Having had the chance to tour coast-to-coast on multiple occasions, the band is primed and ready to hit the road again to reacquaint themselves with their already rabid fan-base while introducing themselves to new fans.  Don’t hesitate to pre-order Manifesto and catch Seasons After on tour where you will have the chance to experience for yourselves what their hard work and dedication have brought forth.


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