Yes! I Managed to Watch Season 5 of Teen Wolf!

My first post on this website was to say I couldn’t get past the first episode of season five of Teen Wolf. Well, I made it! Finally! I wasn’t very motivated to do so as I didn’t really like season four that much, but I have to admit that the latest season has a lot more to offer than Las Calaveras. However, not everything’s rainbows and butterflies. Here’s what I thought, in general, of S5 of the popular MTV show.

Stiles and Scott’s friendship

There may have been quite a few disagreements over the years when it comes to the best ships (Sterek? Stydia? Then Stalia? Who even liked Stiles and Malia, anyway? Where did that couple even come from?), but there’s one thing we can all agree on: Stiles and Scott’s friendship is admirable. The context this season: while trying to survive what would’ve been a deathly attack, Stiles accidentally kills a man and doesn’t tell Scott about it, being well aware of his “Kill No Man” policy, even though Scott would’ve probably understood. That’s when Theo, a newbie you seriously can’t trust, plays the victim card and tells our True Alpha his best friend brutally murdered a man. Long story short, a freaking lie. And Scott believes him without even asking his best friend about it. That’s honestly so out of character for Scott, whose main policy actually is “My Friends Before Anything/Anyone” – especially Stiles. It’s become, easily, my least favorite part of the season. Everyone knows these two would always be there for each other and, at least, give each other the opportunity to explain themselves. Unnecessary drama.

By the way, of course, props to Dylan O’Brien for acting out so well the part of an anxious mess who couldn’t live with the guilt. Wow. What a man.



The Lydia Martin Show

I know season four was supposed to be Lydia-centric, but I also know it really wasn’t. It’s almost as if they’re trying to make up for the lack of Lydia in the previous season in season five, which I’m all for. I love how she gets to explore her powers and what she can do with her voice, even when she’s had her throat sliced open. I love how she’s an essential part of the pack again, which she should’ve never stopped being. If Holland Roden is going to keep gracing the show with her presence, she might as well have a relevant role. Especially because Lydia is one of the most beloved characters for the fans and is an original member of the pack, so it’s really nice to see her treated as well as she deserves. Plus, I’m never going to complain about getting some Stydia back in action. They’re just so great as a team. His relationship with Malia didn’t make sense, anyway, just like their (absent) breakup. So I’m just going to pretend that season four never happened and my favorite duo never stopped kicking ass together.

So give me Lydia Martin in all her catatonic glory. Give me all the Stiles and Lydia scenes. Just give me everything that has to do with the banshee, please and thank you.



Allison Argent/Marie Jeanne Valet, Our Lord and Savior

I feel like including both the backstory of Marie Jeanne Valet and those Allison flashbacks just gave season five a whole other dimension. Generally, I tend to dislike flashback episodes. They’re just so boring to me, and so lazy as well. That Japanese history lesson in season three? Thanks, but I’ll pass. However, it’s very different feeling when one of the most loved actresses of the show comes back from the dead to play one of her ancestors, who was almost as badass as Allison herself back in her time.

I was basically on Twitter and texting on my phone while watching the season finale of Teen Wolf, but then Sebastien made Scott remember Allison (which I thought was actually such a low blow because those scenes made my insides hurt, obviously) and I was suddenly interested. Then something happened that made me smile like a fool: Stiles telling Lydia that “Allison saved [Scott’s] life.” Dead for two whole seasons and Ally A still saves the day. Badass.



A few quick comments: Theo Raeken, Liam & Hayden, The Dread Doctors, The Argents and more

Now that I’ve talked about the Big Three of the season…

  • While I’m all in for having twenty episodes of supernatural adventures to catch up on, I feel like they definitely dragged the storyline for far too long. They could’ve solved it in one-half of the season.
  • What the f is up with Theo Raeken? I know he’s not a good guy, but can you honestly be bad with a pack made of a bunch of dead chimeras? How dumb can you be?
  • If you’re going to force me into getting attached to Liam Dunbar, you might as well develop his storyline with Hayden. Otherwise, it just makes you run up to his drama queen self, like, “Liam, buddy, you’ve been with the girl for two days. Scott had this on-and-off thing with Allison for ages and he couldn’t save her from dying and you don’t see him going around killing other werewolves. Chill, puppy.”
  • What is Allison’s grandpa doing here again?! I appreciate the return of his father (love me some Argent, he’s badass), but honestly, old man, go get your mountain ash and get the hell out. Bringing him back, as well as Deucalion, felt so gratuitous and unnecessary.

Ending this post on a light note, I’m very, very happy to say the essence of the show seems to be back. I feel like Teen Wolf suffered an identity crisis during season four, but thankfully it’s over now. They’re back to being a supernatural show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It makes you smile. Sometimes it makes you laugh, even. Apart from that, it was very nice to see the whole pack come together to either rescue one of the members or defeat whatever threat they were facing in that moment. I missed all of that, and I have to say now I’m thrilled for season 6 to start on November 15th. Are you?

Watch the new trailer here:

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