A Very Full Dive Into Netflix’s Series of Unfortunate Events Trailer

Things at Netflix have taken an unfortunate turn.

The streaming service released the newest trailer for their upcoming adaptation of Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events on Thursday morning, giving fans the most revealing footage yet.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMlkSMbYiAw]

Despite being less than a minute long, the trailer contained some important shots. So, we went through and picked out some very fleeting details.

The Baudelaires


We have to wait until the end of the trailer to see them, but we finally got our first, head-on look at the Baudelaire children. They look particularly fearful, as one should when staring at the face of pure evil. Sunny, true to her name, is wearing a bright yellow outfit and Klaus is sporting his signature spectacles. Noticeably missing for Violet, at least in this shot, is her ribbon. Then again, that’s sure to make an appearance when she’s thinking up a new invention.

The Baudelaire Mansion


As the trailer opens, we find the Baudelaires, along with Mr. Poe, at the doorstep of the mysterious Count Olaf. As the camera pans down, it’s clear that his house is clearly run-down and sinister looking. This is the only house we see completely. But did the former Baudelaire mansion make an appearance? In a brief shot, we’re shown the remnants of what appears to be a destroyed room. Could this be the piano that once brought music to the Baudelaire family?



In a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment, Netflix gave us another VFD Easter Egg. A newspaper headlined “Visceral, Fantabulous Debut!” is displayed on what looks like Count Olaf’s master plan wall. Tucked just below the clipping is two tickets marked “Passage to Peru.” Perhaps Count Olaf stole these from Uncle Monty, or bought them in a plan to follow the children there. Whatever the case, he’s up to no good, and somehow connected to VFD. This is the second VFD spotting in the series trailers, did you see the first? Hint: check the crate behind Lemony Snicket in the first trailer.

The Tattoo


Of course, Count Olaf isn’t Count Olaf without his mysterious ankle tattoo. We catch a brief look at the Count’s ink, as the kids discover it themselves. It looks like an eye, but as any fans of the books know, it means so much more.

The Maze


Speaking of tattoo symbols, that maze looks awfully familiar.

Count Olaf


Most importantly, we officially got our first terrifying look at the Count himself. Anyone that pictures a happy snowman when they hear the name Olaf will likely be singing a different tune after this series. Neil Patrick Harris brings the villain to life on January 13, 2017.

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