Anneliese van der Pol Returns for That’s So Raven Spin-off

What’s a psychic without her best friend? Fortunately, we don’t have to imagine that future.

Anneliese van der Pol is officially returning as Chelsea in Disney Channel’s upcoming “That’s So Raven” spin-off. Similar to the “Full House” reboot, the series will find Chelsea Daniels, along with her son Levi, moving in with single mom Raven.

In a 2015 interview with People’s Choice, Van Der Pol expressed serious interest in a reunion saying, “Hands down. I pray all the time, really. It was great; I’d do anything to get it back.” Now that her role has been confirmed, the star couldn’t contain her excitement.

The official announcement of the actress’ return was made Monday morning. But for some, the news came as no surprise thanks to Raven-Symoné. On Thursday, November 10, the series star tweeted a picture of the duo in honor of the anniversary of the series finale with what was thought to be wishful thinking.

Now, according to a statement from Disney, the pair is ready to reunite. “The pairing of Raven-Symone and Anneliese is comedy gold,” the network stated. “They each are skillful performers, and there’s a fantastic comedic chemistry between them. The two women are dear friends in real life too and are both thrilled to soon be working together again.”

As for Orlando Brown, who rounded out the trio as Eddie Thomas, no word has been given on whether he will return. However, in a video message he created, Brown appeared open to reprising his role saying, “I heard the storyline and it sounds great, her being a single mom and all that cool stuff.”

Hopefully, we’ll see more throwbacks to the original series in the spinoff. The new series begins production in 2017.

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