Beyond Emboldens Sci-Fi at Freeform

If you ever wished you could just sleep through puberty, Freeform might change your mind. This January, the network will debut its newest show Beyond, adding some sci-fi to its programming slate in a two-hour event.


The series follows Holden Matthews as he awakens from a 12-year coma to a much different world. As if he wasn’t confused enough, Holden also realizes he now has supernatural abilities. In the first hour, “Pilot,” Holden’s family, parents Tom and Diane and younger brother Luke, arrives to collect Holden and witness their miracle.

But, things have changed since Holden went to sleep, and he now has to navigate being an adult when all he remembers is being a child. At the same time, Holden is dealing with these new abilities and memories he can’t explain. After a mysterious woman named Willa warns him not to trust those around him, Holden is attacked by a man who claims he knows about Holden’s new powers.

In the second hour, “Tempus Fugit,” Holden attempts to forget about his recent bizarre encounters and lead a “normal” life. Now, normal life includes a night out at a college party with Luke. Holden hits it off with a friendly co-ed, but strange memories of Willa lead to disastrous consequences. Watch a first look at the series below:


In a network first, the entire first season of Beyond will be available for online streaming following the series premiere.

Beyond airs on Freeform on Monday, January 2 at 9 p.m. EST.

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