Returning to Auradon: What on Earth Is Happening in the New Descendants 2 Footage?

144413_desc_group_wall_1_v1brick-900x631Not even Villain Kids want to be rotten at Christmastime.

To kick off the holiday season, Disney Parks aired a new Descendants Holiday Special. The program was hosted by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, BooBoo Stewart, and Cameron Boyce. Hoping to impress Santa, the group was ‘Jolly to the Core,’ performing down Main Street in both Disneyland and Disney World.

As an extra surprise for fans, Disney Channel released brand new footage from behind the scenes of Descendants 2.


Because we simply can’t wait until 2017 to find out what happens next, we picked apart the footage, crafting our theories on what’s going on since we last visited Auradon.


Mal and Evie Duet


Could #Mevie fans be getting a dream duet this time around? Signs are looking pretty good. In the opening shot of the 45-second clip, we see Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson in the studio together. Of course, this could easily be for a group number. But then again, right around the halfway point of the footage, we see the two together again, this time in costume. It looks like they’re singing here, unless they’ve just said the same thing at the same time (which is entirely possible, #Mevie is usually in sync).


Uma’s Crew


Not only is China Anne McClain serving up one of the best evil cackles Disney’s ever seen, but it looks like she and her crew are bringing the moves too. Though we only get a brief look at the group, it’s enough to know that these VK’s are not to be taken lightly. You can probably count on a villainous number you can’t help but love.


New Sports


We may not see any Tourney games in the sequel, but don’t worry, BooBoo Stewart’s superhuman flips will still be on full display. It looks like Auradon Prep has a fencing team this year, and both Jay and Carlos have joined up. Given that our core four are facing a group of pirates this time, fencing might come in pretty handy.


DCOM Easter Egg


To defeat Maleficent, our favorite VK’s chose good. But odds are, there’s still some rotten in them. Of our original four, it was definitely Evie who excelled in school. But in this new teaser, she and her classmates are most definitely not in the mood for schoolwork. As Evie leads her classmates in throwing their papers up in the air, the scene is VERY reminiscent of High School Musical 2 – I see your style, Kenny Ortega – leaving us guessing on what sparked the rebellion.


Hook 2.0


If we’ve learned anything from the Isle, it’s that a good villain needs her henchmen. Uma will be flanked by Gaston’s son Gil (Dylan Playfair) and Harry, son of the famous Captain Hook. Thomas Doherty will bring Harry to life, and clearly, a pirate’s life is for him. He may not be following his father’s footsteps as a Captain, but he does have his very own hook and looks none too pleased in the footage. Doherty’s vocals will definitely be warmed up, as he’s also making us swoon in The Lodge, Disney Channel’s newest series.


Trouble In Paradise


Perhaps the most troubling shot, at least for those shipping #Bal, is this one. As Ben looks to be pleading with Mal, her face says it all. Maybe Mal just wants Ben off the Isle for his safety, or vice versa. Maybe Mal is going a bit too deep back to her roots. Hopefully, it’s just a passing moment. In the meantime, will someone please check on Doug and Evie? Just to be sure.


No matter what, one thing we know for sure from the surprise footage is this:



These are our theories, what are yours?

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