Top Five Badass Moments of Stephen Amell’s Arrow

I am still riding the high that was the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest this past weekend in Atlanta. In continuation of the fan fest’s first time in Atlanta, here is my list of Stephen Amell’s Top Five Badass Moments as the Green Arrow in The CW’s Arrow.

Stephen has revitalized the state of television with his portrayal of Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow. The fight scenes and stunts on the show have proven that the days of timeworn television are over. Audiences have reacted and here is the proof:


 Boxing Glove Arrow

The animated versions of the Green Arrow are no slouch when it comes to the numerous uses of what a bow and arrow are capable of. So it is only natural that this feat will transition over to the live action version. However, the seriousness of Arrow doesn’t always allow for those comical moments, so the boxing glove arrow couldn’t be something that Oliver came up with on his own. It had to be used in the heat of the moment, and it was totally badass.



The Salmon Ladder

Very few people can pull off the salmon ladder exercise. Stephen’s ease of completing the task is not only badass, but it reminds viewers of the insane shape he has to be in for this role. Just check out this clip of him doing it live.



Arrow vs. Deathstroke

This fight is the culmination of five plus years on a supposedly isolated island, numerous lessons, and the supernatural destruction of a friendship. Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson were both marooned on the island Lian Yu and forged a friendship so that they could survive; making this showdown was all the more satisfying when Oliver takes on his former friend and teacher.



Oliver vs. Damien Darhk

The supernatural fiend Damien Darhk came to town to destroy the world and rebuild it under his control. Oliver’s No-Kill Reformation had to be broken to take down this madman. This fight was badass in the fact that we see a desperate Oliver do whatever it takes to stop Darhk completely.



Oliver vs. Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul, the leader of the Guild of Assassins, tested Oliver’s growth as a man and a fighter twice. Oliver was presumed dead and barely survived the first fight (“The Climb,” 3×09).


With the help of two former friends, Oliver came back from the brink of death and was able to take him over fully (“Schism,” 3×23).



This list was nail-bitingly impossible to make, but I did it. Let me know what’s in your top 5 moments from Arrow.

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