Roundtable Discussion on Supernatural 12×8 “Lotus”

This week we are discussing the mid-season finale of Supernatural which was entitled “Lotus.” It was written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming. Participants in the discussion are Kelly Silva, Jackie Bojarski, Liz Schweitzer, and Michele Villery.

As always, we encourage you to join in the conversation by commenting below. Here are this week’s topics.


Sam and Dean:

Kelly: I realize that writers only have so much time to work with, but I felt like this episode didn’t have enough of Sam and Dean. I also have questions about Sam. Why was he sneaking around calling the BMOL? What exactly happened with Lucifer and the vent? Did Sam lie by omission when he didn’t tell Dean about Lucifer’s essence going down the vent?

Michele: Agreed Kelly! There wasn’t enough Sam and Dean, and I too have the same questions about Sam. Why was he calling the MOL and so trusting of Ketch? Toni put him through hell. I also had issues with Lucifer. Is Lucifer actually gone? Or did he go into the vent and into someone else?

Liz: Why did they hang around after they zapped Lucifer out?! I am so confused too, Michele! You are in a hotel room with the president lying unconscious on the floor… Run!

But jail? I seriously doubt that secret service agent has any intention of taking them to jail. Ketch will swoop in and get them out of there
Jackie: After watching this episode, I had one prevailing question: how are Sam and Dean going to get out of this one? My theory is that President Rooney (who I’m assuming is still alive) will come forward and say that Sam and Dean weren’t the ones who attacked him. Otherwise, I can’t think of a believable solution to their current dilemma. If they just escape from custody, they’ll be hunted relentlessly for the rest of their lives. It’ll make their jobs even more difficult if not impossible.
With that said, I was happy that the writers had Sam be the one to send Lucifer back to the Cage (presuming that is, in fact, where Lucifer is now). That was important since Sam has undeservedly held himself responsible for Lucifer’s escape last season. My gut tells me that it’s not over, however.

Kelly: I can’t get enough of Cas, Crowley, and Rowena and when Sam and Dean join them it’s pure magic to watch. However, I do have questions about Cas and his powers or lack of powers. I think the writers need to clarify what Cas can or cannot do.

Michele: I too love seeing Cas, Crowley, Rowena, Sam, and Dean together. Ruth Connell is always a joy to watch on screen. Her scenes with Crowley were the best of the episode.

Liz: I can’t get enough of these three. I love any episode with Rowena, and the bromance with Cas and Crowley is so fun. I am getting super excited that we will get to see a lot more of this trio this season.

Supernatural has developed such an incredibly strong cast of recurring characters, and I am so excited to see them more and more this season and seasons to come!
Jackie: Slowly but surely, Rowena has become one of my favorite characters on this show. I love her fierceness and the humor that she brings. And, as I’ve said before, I’m always grateful for getting more chances to watch Crowley and Rowena or Crowley and Cas interact.
Now, let’s talk about Cas. How many times has Cas lost people that he was supposed to be monitoring or protecting? Three? Four? I’m beginning to think he’s not so great at babysitting and that the boys need to start giving him different responsibilities.
Mr. Ketch:

Kelly: From what I have seen of Mr. Ketch, he is not to be trusted. He has committed some despicable acts, and I don’t believe for a moment that he is helping the Winchesters.

Michele: I don’t know what I was expecting in Mr. Ketch, but for an evil man who pretty much has no conscience, he is easy on the eyes. I hope Sam and Dean discover what he has done so far. He’s up to no good.

Liz: I have no clue if he is good or bad, but I think we are gearing up for more BMOL. It was a pretty bad ass way to come in and save the day with Sam and Dean, but he is definitely not there to join the dream team.

Jackie: We finally got to meet Mr. Ketch–and the wait was totally worth it! Surprisingly, he actually seems more reasonable than Lady Bevell, which bodes better for the boys’ future relationship with the British Men of Letters. I truly believe that Sam and Dean and the British MoL can have a mutually beneficial relationship, but that’s only if the British MoL stop, say, trying to kill Sam and Dean every five minutes.



Kelly: I find it hard to believe that Kelly would want to keep Lucifers offspring. I would think, after what she just witnessed, she’d be desperate to terminate the pregnancy. It’s scary to think that a Nephilim could be born and wreak havoc upon the world.

Michele: Why does Kelly want to keep Lucifer’s spawn after everything she’s witnessed. It’s half angel/half human. I’ll be interested to see the second half of the season and where this is going.

Liz: Well that was an unexpected plot twist! I am excited to see where this goes. The last Nephilim was taken out by Castiel as one of the three trials given to him by Metatron, so maybe Cas will take pity on this one. The spawn of Lucifer is definitely going to be an interesting storyline, though.

Jackie: So, now they have a Nephilim on their hands in addition to everything else! I’m really excited to see how this plays out. How long is the gestation period for a Nephilim? Hopefully, the writers will do something with this storyline and won’t discard it like they have others.


Kelly: I believe that either Mary or Castiel will make a deal with Crowley to spring Sam and Dean from the prison. He’s the only one who can teleport them out of there.

Michele: I think Mary will work with Cas to get Sam and Dean out of prison.

Liz: More Rowena/Cas/Crowley! BMOL are not going to want the spawn of Satan to come into this world, so they will definitely be gunning for that mom.

Jackie: I think that Sam and Dean will either be cleared by the President of all charges or have someone else intervene for them. I also think that Lucifer’s offspring is going to be important down the line–but I’m not sure how yet.

Overall Score:

Kelly: C. I would have liked to have seen more of Sam and Dean on screen. I think, for a mid-season finale, this episode was lackluster. However, this episode was necessary to move the storyline along.

Michele: C. There wasn’t enough of Sam and Dean, and it was not a geat mid-season finale. It was just missing something.

Liz: B! They are setting up a lot for the upcoming episodes and gave us a lot to look forward to.

Jackie:C+. For a midseason finale, it was pretty lackluster, to say the least. Not necessarily bad; just kind of average.

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  1. From the preview, I’m wonder why Crowley just can’t get Sam and Dean out of prison, unless it it the British MOL holding them, and not the US govt.

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