New Short Film “We’ll Get It” Rife with Humor and Gore–Lots of Gore

We’ve all been there: you’re at dinner with some friends, and the check arrives. All of a sudden, everybody wants to pay, and it becomes a battle of wills. Well, writers Dominic Burgess and Michael Nardelli take this scenario a step further in their new short film “We’ll Get It,” which focuses on two culture, food-loving couples who find themselves at odds at their favorite Arts-District restaurant.

Directed by John Kyle Hansen and produced by Felt Films, things quickly take an ugly turn, with each couple doing their level best to take out the other by any means possible. “We’ll Get It” is made even more intriguing by its stellar cast, which includes Michael Nardelli, Amy Vorpahl, Kurt Long, Cameron Cruz, Kimberly Bigsby and Angela Moratz.

Already, this film has done an extensive festival run and has received a plethora of positive feedback. It truly is a delight from start to finish and is one short film that viewers should go out of their way to see.



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