Review: Dungeons & Dragons Frost Giant’s Fury #1

The Baldur’s Gate heroes are back, though they’re battered and bruised.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: FROST GIANT’S FURY#1 continues our heroes’ story at The Spine of the World, a treacherous mountain range where ice and snow reign–along with dragons, ogres, and giants.

This comic was an enjoyable read, and writer Jim Zub did an excellent job of catching the reader up to speed on what the Baldur’s Gate heroes had been through while not spending too much time on exposition. Though I had not read their previous adventures, I was able to follow the story quite well and became invested in the characters in a very short time.

As an avid RPGer, I quickly fell into the themes of the classes and foes that are so familiar in the RPG world. Seeing the action drawn out provided an extra dimension to the already rich world of Dungeons & Dragons, filling in images that we typically provide from our imagination–and they’re captured beautifully. Netho Diaz turned out the incredible artwork for this issue, with Thiago Ribeiro providing rich, vivid colors that made the issue pop.

I recommend DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: FROST GIANT’S FURY #1 to any D&D or comic book fans. Pick up this comic today and see what our intrepid heroes are up to!

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