SEXCASTLE Creator Returns with New Series ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN

This April, Eisner-nominated Kyle Starks of SEXCASTLE and Rick and Morty brings us a new “hobo-tastic action comedy series” in ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN.

ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN has “high action, epic stakes, magic, friendships, trains, punching, kicking, joking, a ton of hobo nonsense, and the Literal Devil.” That’s right, folks: the Devil himself. A hobo must fight his way across post-World War II America to find the legendary Rock Candy Mountain. He fights hobos. Lots of hobo fights.

“I really wanted to tell an epic journey with major stakes mixed with sort of a mystery and tons of fighting,” said Starks in an interview with Image+. “I also wanted to do some magical realism. And it’s hobos. Hobos are fighting. I mean, what’s more magical than riding around the country, living off the grid?”

ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN #1 hits stores Wednesday, April 5.

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