TNWU Weekly Superlatives ( January 22nd – 28th)


Most badass character: timeless

Bass Reeves (AKA The Lone Ranger)

Colman Domingo joined the cast of Timeless this week as The Lone Ranger. That’s right; the Lone Ranger is black. And he was badass in the way that he believed in justice done right, not done lawlessly. That didn’t stop Lucy from shooting Jesse James, but it gave our team a lot to think about. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

most lovable character: Shadowhunters

Magnus Bane

I adore Magnus Bane, but this season he’s already brought me to new heights of love. He was sassy, assertive, powerful, and vulnerable in season one; so far, he’s been that and more this season. The reason he was so lovable this week was his affection and loyalty to his downworld family and the confession he made to Simon about a dark period in his life. Magnus always operated with a thick layer of masks on, and I’m really looking forward to stripping those away this season. His scenes in Day of Wrath only made me more excited to get to know my favorite warlock.

Biggest jerk: Timeless

Jesse James

It only took about ten minutes for me to decide that Jesse James was likely one of the most arrogant and egotistical outlaws ever. After becoming Flynn’s sidekick for most of the episode, I was surprised that both Flynn and anyone that put up with him in real life let him live as long as they did. Well played Daniel Lissing! (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

bAD guy/girl of the week: Scandal

Cyrus Bean

Or is he? After Francisco Vargas wins the election, he takes to the podium for the first time to address the nation and is immediately shot by an unknown assailant. It wasn’t hard to draw the line straight to his newly elected Vice President Cyrus Bean who has already killed to get his candidate on the ticket. Is it Rowan pulling strings or is Cyrus Bean truly the worst? (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

best dressed: The Flash

Iris West

Iris seemed to be especially on-point this week. Not to bring up a bad subject but I am in love with that coat she is wearing when Savitar stabs her with that giant claw-like blade. And that red jumpsuit with the plunging neckline that she wore to the opening of the Star Labs Museum was out of this world! (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

Most swoon-worthy scene: lucifer

Chloe dreaming about sex with Lucifer

The first few minutes of Lucifer had me running for a cold shower. After last week’s sweet kiss, we see Chloe going all unchecked and unbarred on Lucifer…And Lucifer loving every second…And getting half naked….so it turned out to be a dream….but please, please can I have dreams like that?! WOW!!! (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

most emotional scene: lethal weapon

riggs telling Murtaugh he “cheated” on his wife

After getting super drunk (as opposed to his usual drunk) Riggs picks up a woman in a bar and has a one night stand with her. In their first crime scene investigation, He and Murtaugh deal with a cheating spouse and it eats at Riggs until he finally confesses to Murtaugh that he had a one night stand and “cheated” on his  (deceased) wife. This is a man who lost his wedding ring in a previous episode and went and replaced it. The tears in Riggs’ eyes were heart-rending.

most heartwarming moment: This is us

Randall’s Party

After noticing that Randall’s party isn’t nearly as well attended as Kate and Kevin’s parties, Rebecca and Jack learn that Randall doesn’t actually have that many friends at school and that he only gets invited to other parties because of a school rule. When they confront adorable little kid Randall about his lack of friends, his comeback is priceless. I have three really close friends, and that’s a lot, and they all came to my party. Yes, Rebecca, he is the coolest kid ever! (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

best buddy moment: This is us

Randall and William

After kidnapping Randall from an important day at work, the two set off on a day of shopping and chasing after a very specific Egg Creme. William’s final request of the day is to drive Randall’s car. A confused Randall allows his dying father sometime in the driver’s seat and learns that he has never actually learned to drive but has always dreamed of it while wearing these stylish shades, drinking this specific Egg Creme and blasting his favorite song. The driving lesson was perfect. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

best plot twist: Frequency

The finale

It’s hard to choose just one. In what could end up being the series finale for Frequency, the twists kept coming faster than Gordo can drink beer. In the end, both Raimy and Frank were chasing the Nightengale Killer simultaneously in both timelines in a race to save Julie. I won’t tell you what happens. Go watch Frequency on Netflix and save the show!! (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

cutest moment: This is us

Jack Pearson

We might be able to give this award to Jack Pearson every week but this week was extra-adorable. After planning separate birthday parties for the Big 3 for the first time ever, daddy Jack finds Kate sitting alone in a room during her Madonna-themed party. After a short pep-chat, Kate teaches dad how to vogue and strike a pose. Is there an award for cutest dad ever? (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

most shocking: shadowhunters


Spoilers ahead: The Shadowhunters team and cast all warned us that a Shadowhunter was going to die this week. Many thought it was going to be Lydia Branwell, a fan favorite, or a low-level hunter we know like Raj. Instead, they took the lives of not one but two shadowhunters this week! The shocking death, however, was Clary’s mother, Jocelyn. I know that I wasn’t expecting this since Clary just got her mother back. I knew any loss was going to be heartbreaking, but this had my jaw on the floor. If people were too distracted by Jocelyn’s demise to notice that we also lost Hodge Stockweather, I wouldn’t be surprised. It does make me wonder, though, which death they were alluding to the week leading up to Day of Wrath… I guess we’ll find out next week when Clary tries to resurrect her mother!

Most terrifying scene: Gotham

Dwight cutting off Jerome’s face

With legions of maniacs and lunatics clamoring for Jerome’s return, a desperate Dwight comes up with an ingenious but gross and utterly disturbing plan…Cut off Jerome’s face and use it as a mask over his own. (It gets better…er, worse when an alive and faceless Jerome comes wanting it back…) I don’t think I’ve ever hidden under the covers watching Gotham before, but I did this week. (Contributed by Arlene Allen)

performer of the week: How to get away with murder

Viola Davis as Annalise Keating

When isn’t Viola performer of any week? Over the course of the episode, we witness the ever-powerful, woman in charge fall deeper into despair as she deals with the reality that she may be stuck in jail for more than an overnight. In the opening scenes, we see a polished and perfect Annalise talking to Wes in a flashback, full of pride and joy. By the end, she is broken and desperate as she huddles against the wall of her cell after learning that Wes was going to give her up and having to adjust to prison life. This hour gave us a beautiful glimpse at the range of Viola. (Contributed by Shawn Cole)

That’s it for this week!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments and let us know if we missed anything or if there are any categories you would like us to add!  We will see you next week with more Talk Nerdy With Us Weekly TV Superlative Awards!

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