Final Fantasy XIV: The Far Edge Of Fate Release Notes!

Square Enix‘s Massive Multiplayer Online juggernaut Final Fantasy XIV (14) is seeing big changes in upcoming weeks up until the summer release of its newest expansion pack, Stormblood!  This patch, entitled The Far Edge of Fate, will be broken into two parts – one that will be released worldwide on January 17th 2017 and part two which will be available in March. Today we’ll look over some the exciting additions to the game via the first part of Patch 3.5!

Main Scenario Quests

Players will join up with old and new allies alike on this new journey leading into Stormblood!

The patch will include part one of a new main scenario quest (MSQ) bearing the same name of the patch itself, The Far Edge of Fate. It will pit you and your fellow Scions of the Seventh Dawn together in a new adventure now that the threat of the Warriors of Darkness has been ceased.

This MSQ is the beginning of what will eventually lead players into the Stormblood storyline, a new epoch that will come to fruition when the newest expansion pack goes on sale in June of 2017.

Unexpected reunions salve the ache of bittersweet farewells. And with their ranks further bolstered by the official induction of Alisaie and Krile, once more do the Scions of the Seventh Dawn set their feet upon fate’s path and their gaze upon distant horizons.

New Trial: Containment Bay Z1T9

Worshipped by a Meracydian race, the eikon Zurvan is the newest primal bout in patch 3.5!

Fans that have been keeping up with the Warring Triads story quests will be thrilled to see that the final primal that was captured and bound by the Empire will now be available to defeat in this new trial. The primal, named Zurvan is a demon who was worshiped by a race a centaur-like beings.

Zurvan seems to be a hybrid of centaur and devil himself, but nonetheless was captured in an Allegan prison by the Empire for five-thousand years. Needless to say, this “physical manifestation of eternal victory” is not happy about any of it.

New Dungeons

Always exciting is the addition of new instanced dungeons to fight through and the newest patch offers two of them! In an all new dungeon, we have Baelsar’s Wall – named after the fallen Gaius van Baelsar. Though Baelsar met his demise back in the A Realm Reborn expansion, it seems that he legacy would not die off as quietly. Standing tall is a towering monument built as a reminder of the empire’s tyranny and now your next challenge to clear.

Additionally, we are introduced to a hard version of an already existing dungeon, Sohm Al. This is where players ventured to defeat Nidhogg and cease the Dragonsong War. Now with no leader and struck with the aftermath of battle, its surviving inhabitants roam unattended and unguarded.

Egi Glamours

As a proud SMN (that reads Summoner) I had to highlight one of my favorite editions to the new patch – the ability to change the appearance of your summon! While leveling up your summoner, you gain access to three summons in the shape of Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda.

However, for example if you aren’t a fan of Titan’s look – who many FFXIV players affectionately call a floating potato – you can now make your Titan look like a carbuncle again!  This glamour cast works on all three of your primal summons and will have three carbuncle options – Emerald, Topaz, and Ruby! Ruby hasn’t been available as a playable carbuncle and has only been seen being used by NPC & fellow Scion, Alphinaud Leveilleur up until now – it’s an exciting addition!

Party Finder Update

Another huge deal is the new update to the party finder! Ever log onto FFXIV at about 3AM, ready to run Great Gubal Library for some sick drops only to find that you’re in queue for over an hour? No bueno! The new update could change that completely – players can use the party finder to recruit fellow adventurers from anywhere within the same data center!

Meaning a broader pool of players to choose from, giving players shorter wait times to get into instanced dungeons, trials, raids, and guildhests. Now you can destroy that Demon Book in half the time!

Additional Updates

There are tons more amazing additional to Final Fantasy XIV via the new patch that aren’t touched on here, such as new side story quests, PvP gear and mounts, and even emotes! Square Enix has set up a site with all the content to look forward to one January 17th hits! You can also view the trailer below to see all of this in action!

Are you looking forward to the first half of the new FFXIV patch? What’s your favorite new addition? Tell us in the comments!

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