Five Best Moments of “Shadowhunters” Episode 2.06, “Iron Sisters”

Just when I thought that Shadowhunters couldn’t get any better, “Iron Sisters” had to come around and raise the bar yet again! On this week’s episode, Clary and Isabelle pay a visit to the Adamant Citadel in order to consult the Iron Sisters, an elite group of warrior women responsible for forging all of the Shadowhunters’ weapons. While there, we learn several interesting things. First, Clary doesn’t possess any demon blood, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. However, Isabelle is in deeper water than I think she anticipated. As it turns out, that concoction that Aldertree gave her is actually vampire venom and it has tainted her. What’s worse is that it’s given Aldertree leverage to use against her. Although she is still refusing to disclose everything she knows about Clary to him, there will probably come a time where her longing for the drug will make her desperate and more cooperative.

We also learn that Luke’s sister Cleo is a member of the Iron Sisters—but more on that later.

Meanwhile, Simon teams up with Maia in order to track down Luke, who disappeared after finding out about Jocelyn’s death. Along the way, the two establish a surprisingly easy camaraderie considering that one is a werewolf and the other is a vampire. Given that Simon is in desperate need of someone to talk to about everything he is going through, this new friendship with Maia is bound to be a good thing for him.

The final major storyline with which this episode dealt revolved around Magnus and Alec. Their relationship is still in its fledgling stage and they both have some pretty difficult hurdles to overcome if they hope to survive as a couple. Alec, as inexperienced as he is, is intimidated by Magnus’s extensive relationship history whereas Magnus is apprehensive about Alec’s innocence. Nevertheless, they made it pretty clear that they wouldn’t let those concerns prevent them from being together.

As for Jace, he was pushed to the backburner for the most part. We do learn that Aldertree is trying to force Jace out of the Institute. Rather than be subjected to Aldertree’s continuous abuse, Jace decides to move in with Magnus—much to Magnus’s surprise.

Speaking of surprises, this episode contained several, all of which helped to make this episode one of the most memorable of the season so far. On that note, here are my picks for the best five moments from Shadowhunters’ episode 2.06, “Iron Sisters.”


Welcome, the Iron Sisters—and Hello Crazy, Cool Fight Scene!

I love a good opening sequence, and this one will easily go down as one of my favorites. Not only does it provide us with proof of just how formidable the Iron Sisters are but it also gave the show another opportunity to demonstrate its exceptional ability to choreograph fight scenes. More so, it serves as a great foreword to the episode, introducing us to the ambiance of the Adamant Citadel as well as the key players that will play a much larger role later on.

Magnus and Alec’s Romantic Date Turns Awkward

Given that Magnus has been around for centuries, it’s no surprise (to viewers) that he’s been in relationships with a lot of people, but Alec, for some reason, is taken aback by this. I’ll admit that I was a little dumbfounded by Alec’s obliviousness. After all, it was only last season that Magnus was trying to impress Alec with tales of his past romantic escapades. Then again, I was also frustrated by the fact that Magnus apparently had no idea that Alec has virtually no relationship experience whatsoever. Nevertheless, these revelations functioned the way that they were meant to function: by providing us with a humorous, albeit awkward, moment between the two, and also setting them up for future drama.


Maia and Simon Share Embarrassing Downworlder Stories

I know that I’ve declared my love for Maia, played by the talented Alisha Wainwright, in the past, but I’m going to do it again because…how could I not? In this episode, we learned a lot more of her backstory; however, this scene, in particular, stood out because it revealed aspects of her personality that we haven’t seen before. With Simon, she’s playful and honest. Their banter was effortless, reflecting a comfortability that only arises when two people have an immediate sense that they have shared experiences. I can’t wait to see how their friendship evolves because I think that they can be good for each other. Plus, Simon really needs to get over Clary, and Maia can help him do that.


Clary and Isabelle Undergo a Purity Trial

Before I get started describing this moment, I just want to say that I saw this coming a mile away. In order to enter the Citadel, Clary and Isabelle have to pass a purity test, which consists of them submerging themselves in a pool of water infused with heavenly magic. The purpose? To determine if a Shadowhunter has been tainted by any kind of demonic presence. Naturally, Clary passes with flying colors—because, let’s face it: it would be way too predictable if she turned out to have demon blood as well as Jace. Isabelle, on the other hand, doesn’t fare as well. To her horror, she is told that the solution that Aldertree gave her is actually vampire venom and that it has contaminated her. Therefore, she is unable to enter the Citadel and meet the Iron Sisters like she’s always dreamed.

Luke’s Sister Shows Her True Colors

Just when I was starting to like Cleo, she had to turn out to be a Circle member! This was probably the biggest shock of the episode. Not only does she reveal her true allegiance to Valentine but she also stabs one of her fellow Sisters, leaving her to die outside the Citadel. What was it exactly that inspired her to abandon her ruse? I can only assume it was because of what Clary told her about having visions of runes that don’t exist. But, if that’s the case, how much does she know about Clary and her mysterious abilities? We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out!

Honorable Mention

Simon and Maia Stage an Intervention for Luke

It’s a good thing that Simon and Maia were there for Luke in his time of need because everybody else seemed to be preoccupied with other things. I confess to being a little disappointed by the fact that Luke’s pack, aside from Maia, didn’t really care to even search for Luke. Isn’t he their Alpha? You would think that they would have tried to find him and rallied around him. Instead, they are nonchalant about the whole ordeal. Simon, on the other hand, refuses to abandon Luke, tracking him with Maia’s help to a desolate forest. And right in the nick of time, too! Overwhelmed by grief and anger, Luke loses control over his werewolf side and is just about to make a meal out of two unsuspecting campers when Simon and Maia intercept him. Luckily, Simon says all the right things and Luke turns into Luke again.

So, what’s in store for Luke’s character in the future? With Jocelyn gone, who knows, but I sincerely hope that the writers throw him a bone—no pun intended.

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