My Once Upon a Time 6B Wish List

The dreadful three-month break for Once Upon a Time is nearly over, and it left fans with so many questions of what is to come next. Waiting three months for this has proven to be tricky! The winter finale hbrought on a few emotions and a few theories. Emma and Regina getting stuck in a wish world wasn’t exactly how I pictured 6A ending. The adventure is yet to come. Here is my 6B wish list for when the show returns in March (sigh):

Emma and Regina are getting the heck out of the wish realm as soon as possible:

Pretty sure this is the hope of a lot of people. I’m hoping this wish world is not dragged out for too long because it’ll just make me anxious. After Regina had seen Robin and the portal closed, it left Emma and her in the wish realm. At least Emma knows what’s real and what isn’t. I hope Regina gets her closure with Robin too.

Emma meeting the AU version of Hook:

We didn’t get Princess Emma meeting Hook in the winter finale, but that’s okay. However, I would love if Emma met the AU version of Hook. Then maybe she could go back to Storybrooke and tell modern day Hook all about his AU self. I think it’ll make for an interesting conversation.


Hook proposing to Emma in Storybrooke:

In the promo, we saw a hand holding a ring. Whose hand was it exactly? We don’t know, but I want nothing more than it to be Hook’s hand. Thankfully some people on Twitter have been analyzing Colin O’Donoghue’s hand. According to them, it appears Hook might pop the question during next half of the season. I can only hope!


Someone killing the Evil Queen:

The girl has got to go.


And while we’re at it, someone killing Morpheus:

Okay, there was nothing more insane than Morpheus revealed as the hooded figure who is fated to kill Emma. (I totally knew it was him, though!) Nonetheless, him appearing in Storybrooke as a grown man hours after he was born–color me shocked. He seems a bit insane, and someone needs to defeat him before he gets to Emma. I theorize that Belle may be the only one to defeat her crazy, murderous son.


Snow and Charming breaking the sleeping curse:

Those dang sleeping curses. Let’s end this sleeping curse once and for all, please.


Netflix date, please:

This is asking for too much, and I know this. However, this show is based around the theme of hope. So I am hoping that Emma and Hook finally get to sit down and watch Netflix. Maybe Peter Pan? I just really need this to happen more than anything else. It would be a much-needed break from all the drama.


Once Upon a Time returns March 5, 2017.

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