Jane and Rafael Might Get Back Together and Here’s Why They Should

Jane the Virgin set up a pretty dynamic love triangle between Jane, Michael, and Rafael during the first two seasons of the show. Fans debated whether they were on #TeamMichael or #TeamRafael and who should/would end up with Jane. The writers ultimately decided to have Jane and Michael get married in the second season, a scenario that viewers thought would end the love triangle for good. Unfortunately, halfway through the third and current season, the writers flipped the script by killing Michael. While the move was foreshadowed in the first season, as the narrator told viewers that Michael would love Jane “until his last breath,” nobody expected it to happen when it did.

After Michael died, the series jumped forward three years. A lot changed during the time jump, including the relationship between Jane and Rafael. As Mateo’s father, Rafael has never been completely out of Jane’s life, but the new level their relationship has reached hints that the romance between them could soon be rekindled.

Since the beginning, I have faithfully been on #TeamRafael and I would be ecstatic for one of my favorite television couples to reunite. I think if they did get back together, their relationship would work even better than it did in the beginning of the show. Here’s why:

As individuals this relationship would work much better now, because both Jane and Rafael have grown up despite the growth that still lies ahead for them. Rafael is a much kinder, more mature father compared to the self-centered pretty boy that he tended to be in the beginning of the series; Jane is much calmer compared to the uptight person that she started out as. Rafael has also always been the one to encourage Jane to pursue her passion of writing, even when it was not the most practical option.

As a couple it’s clear that their relationship has significantly evolved as well. In the beginning of the series, Rafael represented pure romance as Jane’s heart never could stop racing when he was around; everything felt like a signal that this was the right relationship. Rafael also brought out the the dreamer and the risk-taker parts of Jane that were repressed from having to be practical when it comes to reality. But, watching the series back, the foundation for a relationship was missing, as they never had a chance to be friends first. However, raising a child together has caused them to develop a deep friendship that was not previously there. Now, in the post-time jump world, Rafael and Jane are clearly best friends, and more importantly, the family that Rafael always wanted. While in some ways a romantic relationship may be risky, because they don’t want to ruin the dynamic they have, it seems the thought has slowly started to cross their minds.

Now, I’m not saying Jane and Rafael should get back together right this second. Grieving is different for everyone and each person should be allowed however long the process takes. Rafael also just got out of a “serious” relationship with Abby. But with all that said, the chemistry between Jane and Rafael is still undeniable. The way they look at each other… it just feels right. Their connection and bond has always been extremely evident and, to me, it’s what has kept my hope alive that they would get back together at some point.

Here’s to more grilled cheese sandwiches, Target runs, and romance (with the possibility of more kids) down the line for Jane and Rafael.

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